I Imagined You Were Real

This is a story about a girl who is so alone that she imagines up a boyfriend. But her passion for this guy creeps her parentd out, and they end up taking her to a mental hospital. She has to prove he is real, or realize he is only real to her. She can either let go of him, and be alone once more, or keep on beleiving, and remain stuck in a cell, just her and her imagination.


5. Never Let Him Go

Jessica slowly awakened to find herself in a white padded cell. It was like a cage made of nothing but matrasses. Jessica cried out for help, but the only person who cuddled her for comfort was Brillanill. “Why did my parents leave me here?” Brillanill said sadly ‘they think your crazy’. Jessica said with tear in her eyes “but why?” Brillanill bowed his head down in shame ‘it’s all my fault’. Jessica said in shock “hows it your fault?” Brillanill began to also tear up as he said ‘because they think your crazy for believing in me’. Jessica put her hand on Brillanill’s shoulder saying “don’t be so silly, your as real as anything. It’s not my fault the world is too blind to see your real”. Brillanill said sadly ‘this isn’t easy for me to say this but, you will have to let me go, or be trapped in this mental hospital forever’. Jessica shouted crossly “I can’t just let you go! I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. Brillanill said with a kind smile ‘and I feel the same way about you, but as soon as you stop believing I will fade away, and you will be free’. Jessica said seriously as she hugged him reassuringly “in that case I will never stop believing in you my love. For I would rather be trapped in here, than live a life without you in it”.


In a room a few floors away from where Jessica and Brillanill were doctors were watching Jessica talking to herself, and also replying to herself via a hidden camera. One doctor said with amazement “this is just fascinating!” The doctors tried to cure Jessica in many different ways. They tried role play, pretending Brillanill was real, and telling Jessica he had left her. But Jessica just looked at an empty space beside her and said “liar” menacingly. The doctors tried drugging her with all sorts of medications but that also failed to work. They heard Jessica say 'ladies first' to herself as she re-entered her cell so the doctor quickly shut the door. Jessica began crying out saying “no! Let Brillanill into me!” She then said as if Brillanill was saying it ‘yeah let me in, or there will be hell to pay!’. The doctors just walked away, thinking this separation may do Jessica some good. But days went by and Jessica kept crying, and talking to the door where Brillanill stood on the other side. A female doctor felt bad, and got fired for opening the door to let Brillanill in.

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