I Imagined You Were Real

This is a story about a girl who is so alone that she imagines up a boyfriend. But her passion for this guy creeps her parentd out, and they end up taking her to a mental hospital. She has to prove he is real, or realize he is only real to her. She can either let go of him, and be alone once more, or keep on beleiving, and remain stuck in a cell, just her and her imagination.


4. Crazy

It was hard for Jessica’s parents to agree on what to do next. They were full of guilt as they picked up Jessica from school. They told her they had a surprise for her, as she would never have gone willingly. They blind-folded her, and stopped outside a mental hospital. A man dressed in white meet them at the gates, and took Jessica by the hand, leading her down the path towards the mental hospital entrance. Jessica’s parents left their daughter, in tears at what they had to do.


The mysterious doctor led her along white corridors, deeper and deeper into the mental hospital. While blind-folded Jessica couldn’t see the route they were taking. “Will me and Brillanill like the surprise?” Jessica asked with interest. When no one replied Jessica said slightly worried “mum, dad, why arn’t you answering me?” When they didn’t say anything to her, she finally decided to pull off her blindfold . When she saw the stranger she began screaming, and thrashing about. “WHERE AM I?! WHO ARE YOU?! LET ME GO?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY PARENTS?!” The doctor began shouting for assistance as Jessica broke free of his tight grip. She ran away screaming “HELP ME!” She felt a short sharp pain hit her in the arm. She looked down to see a dart in her arm. Before she could scream out for help once more she suddenly felt rather tired. She collapsed to the floor, as darkness began washing over her.

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