I Imagined You Were Real

This is a story about a girl who is so alone that she imagines up a boyfriend. But her passion for this guy creeps her parentd out, and they end up taking her to a mental hospital. She has to prove he is real, or realize he is only real to her. She can either let go of him, and be alone once more, or keep on beleiving, and remain stuck in a cell, just her and her imagination.


3. A Bit Too Close For Comfort

Years passed, and Jessica was finally a teenager, but still with the mind of a 7 year old. Her belief that Brillanill was real, never died. She still talked to herself. Her parents caught her hugging thin air one day. One day while Jessica was at school, her parents got a disturbing phone call from the head teacher.


“Hello, is this Jessica’s dad? I’m calling to let you know that Jessica isn’t playing with other kids, and keeps insisting she has a partner in class activities called Brillanill. But she can’t keep pairing up with her imagination, kids are laughing at her”.


“I have tried to tell her hes no real, but she won’t let go of her imagination”.


“I have information even more disturbing than that”.


“What could be worse than that?”


“Her affection towards this imaginary friend of hers”.


“What on earth are you on about?”


“I caught her hugging this Brillanill, and kissing him”.


Jessica’s dad fell silent, he had no idea what to say.


“This isn’t easy for me to day, but I’m kicking Jessica out of school so she can receive proper help”.


“What about her education?!”


“I really do not believe she is learning with the distractions of this Brillanill, you need to get help for her”.


“I’ll think of something” Jessica’s dad said, and then hung up on the head teacher.

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