Out of my limit

Hilary isn't normal....she's different from every other wolf....what happens when she has to get back her mate and stop a war before she becomes Alpha?


4. Chapter 4

    Veronica was looking at me with complete and total interest for the rest of the day. "WHAT VERONICA?!?!?" I yelled out in the middle of English. The teacher was a member of my pack and looked at me in concern. I shot the teacher a look and he bowed his head down in respect and continued on with class. "I've just never really expected you to find your mate so soon. I mean typically our elders are the ones who find their mate! You just found yours and you're 17!" She said with complete and total shock. I shook my head and looked away. I felt more than one pair of eyes on me and I knew everyone was waiting for me to break. I was angry, upset, shocked, and scared. I wasn't ready to become Alpha of our pack. I was hoping that I'd have a few years. Not to mention I was too young to go into heat! I was perfectly fine right now. The stares got worse and I only begun to feel way worse. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL STARING AT!?!?!?!?" I yelled before the teacher told me to go to the principal just because of the humans here. I groaned and went to see my mother. Well this has been a shit day!

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