Out of my limit

Hilary isn't normal....she's different from every other wolf....what happens when she has to get back her mate and stop a war before she becomes Alpha?


3. chapter 3

All through the day Iris was whining in my head about the with the blue eyes....asking me why I didn't wanna be with him. I kept ignoring her. By the time lunch started I was growing a headache. I walked into the lunch room to find all the wolves staring at me and nodding in respect...well all except Alex who just rolled her eyes and went back to her friends. I sighed and made my way to my table. Veronica and the others were there. "Hey guys." I said before plopping down into my seat. The guys nodded their heads and the girls said hey back. I was about to dig into my wonderful pickle and salami sandwich, when an even better smell came to me. It smelt like fresh rain and warm sugar vanilla. It was intoxicating and I just wanted to keep that smell all day. I was trying to pick up where the smell was coming from but all my eyes were met with is a beautiful blue eyes. My eyes widened slightly as I saw him stare back. The new guy once again. I screamed when I felt a pain in my leg. "Hello? Earth to Hilary!!!!" Veronica said while waving her hand in front of my face. I snapped out of my daze and looked at her. "What?" I said sounding annoyed. I turned around and saw him making his way to go sit with Calum, Michael, and Luke. Their pretty cool guys, but they come from a different pack. They bowed their heads slightly in respect towards the new guy and my eyes widened more. He was the new Alpha they were talking abut. "Hilary are you gonna stare at the new kid all lunch? Or are we gonna talk about our shopping plans tonight? Not to mention that the new guy is totally hot." Veronica said. When she mentioned that blue eyes was hot a growl slipped out of my mouth. I watched everyone but Veronica's eyes widen. She was still talking about how cute he was. My friend Perrie started hitting Veronica to get her to shut up. "Veronica.....the new guy is off limits. He's alpha to Calum's pack and we don't know him all that way. If I catch or hear about you guys talking, you can and should expect a punishment from me. Do you understand?" I said using my alpha voice. Everyone nodded their heads and they shut up about him. I continued to eat lunch while feeling someone stare at me. I looked up and saw my whore of a cousin walking up to the new guy. I used my wolf hearing to listen in. "Hi! I noticed that you're new here. I'm Jessica! It's very nice to meet a cutie like you." She said while winking at him. A growl slipped out again and I mind-linked to her. 'Alex you better step away if you know what's good for you. I don't wanna have to command my own flesh and blood to stay away from the new alpha.' I said while looking at her. She flipped me the flinger and glared at me, the new guy noticed and I could hear the growl emit from him. "Don't flip my mate off." He said looking up at her. She flipped her blonde hair and pouted, trying to be cute. Her actual mate, who happened to be my friend Marcel let out a whimper. She knew that she already had someone but she didn't like who he was, but I used my alpha voice on her and she couldn't reject him. I got up from seat and made my way over there. "Hey Cal, Mike, and Lukey!" I said while walking up to them. They all smiled at me and said hey. "Is my cousin bothering you and your alpha?" I asked them while looking at my cousin. "I'm not bothering anyone, but you're bothering me." Alex said while glaring at me. I heard the new guy growl again. I put my hand on his shoulder and looked at my cousin. "Alex, I heard from Marcel that you are going against my orders and is trying to reject him. He's been crying a lot lately and his sister Gemma is looking for you. I suggest you leave these boys alone and spend some time with your true mate." I said looking at her. She tried to not bow her head but failed and ran to Marcel. "Well now that's taken care of, Hi! I'm Hilary Johnson, next alpha of the Johnson Pack. You are?" I said holding out my hand for blue eyes to shake. "I'm Ashton Irwin, Alpha of the Irwin Pack. It's very nice to meet you Hilary." He said before kissing the back of my hand. I gave him a quick smile. 'Go get it girl! I can picture the little werewolf and werefox babies you two will have.' Veronica said in my head. I felt my cheeks turn extremely red. "Are you alright love?" Ashton said, I heard the guys laughing along with my friends. "I-I'm fine.....I just gotta go kill my beta now. Anyways, See ya later. If you need me anytime of the day. Text's this number." I said while writing my number on his hand. I winked at him and then headed back to my table, where I hit Veronica.

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