Out of my limit

Hilary isn't normal....she's different from every other wolf....what happens when she has to get back her mate and stop a war before she becomes Alpha?


2. chapter 2

Let's go back to the beginning of all of this. It all started that shitty first day of school. It was the beginning of my senior year and I had just turned 17! I was on my way to meet up with my friends when some jerk bumped into me. Me being me and a hot head. I started to cuss. "You motherfucker! That hurt like a son of a bitch!" I screamed out loud as I got up and dusted off my shorts (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=113715655). I bent down to pick my bag up someone already had. I looked up to meet a pair of blue eyes. "I'm sorry about that. Um here's your bag." He said. I grabbed my bag and a shock ran through my hand. His eyes widened slightly and he growled out "mate." I took my bag quickly and walked fastly away from him. I knew he was a werewolf! I just didn't wanna believe it. If it got out that I had found my mate.....then I'd have to become an alpha faster. I panicked even more and my friends could tell when I got to them. "Hil are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost!" My friend Veronica said. I looked around and said "No I'm fine. Just nervous for today." Which was a total lie. Right as the bell rang my inner fox decided to speak up. 'Hilary....you know he's gonna keep looking for you. You can't escape this bond. You need to face the fact that you have a mate and if you don't I'll whine until you go to him.' Iris (my inner fox) told me. I rolled my eyes and went to Government.

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