Out of my limit

Hilary isn't normal....she's different from every other wolf....what happens when she has to get back her mate and stop a war before she becomes Alpha?


1. chapter 1

I had never planned for things to turn out like this.....I didn't plan on having to go against the one person I loved.......he was my mate and he was suppose to love me......but all because of my cousin I had lost him.....I was left alone because she wanted me to suffer....the pain of losing him was too much. Why did she have to know a witch? Why did she have to take what's rightfully mine? I knew being the only child to an Alpha would have consequences but I never knew it'd be this bad. I watched from above as Jessica kissed Ashton. I was extremely furious on how she was acting. My inner fox was going crazy with rage.....see everyone else was a wolf.....but I was a fox. Supposedly I'm special but I don't see it. Yes my mate is a werewolf. His name is Ashton Irwin.....he was stuck with my bitch of a cousin Jessica. Let me introduce myself. Hi I'm Hilary Johnson and I'm from the Johnson pack. My father is the alpha and my mother used to be Luna. I'm 17 and I'm a werefox.

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