Torn Between The Two

Most of this is based on a dream I had about the Franco brothers about how a girl (me) is stuck between which one she prefers best this is full of romance ,betray and hatred. I hope you enjoy ��


3. The Family

After a few weeks of dating Dave ,we decided that it was time that I met his family including his Brother James.We had dinner round his parents house who seemed nice and caring and asked me a lot of questions ,but as they were talking to me I could see from the corner of my eye James was staring at with a very flirtatious look on his face,but I then ignored it and carried on with Dinner.

After dinner we said goodbye to everyone including James.On the journey home me and Dave (we had moved in with each other ) we're talking about Dinner

'So did you enjoy meeting my parents ' Dave asked

'Yes they seemed very nice though your brother James didn't say very much'

'Yh he's been quite shy ever since.....'

'Ever since what?'

'His breakup'

'Oh what happened why did they break up' I asked with a concerned voice.

'They weren't in love he said he wanted a relationship that was going somewhere .

'Oh well that's understandable '.We arrived home and the next day I decided to learn more about James and to befriend him since he didn't say much at dinner,and all I could say is the plan had worked .

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