Torn Between The Two

Most of this is based on a dream I had about the Franco brothers about how a girl (me) is stuck between which one she prefers best this is full of romance ,betray and hatred. I hope you enjoy ��


2. Dream Come True

One night we went to the movies just as a nice friendly date,a few strange things happened during the movie like when halfway through the movie he tried the OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK! He pretended to yawn and as he did raised his hand to come over my shoulder.This trick actually happened to work I always thought that if anyone tried it on me I would find it cheesy and stupid but not now that it's happened.

After the movie we headed to dinner I asked 'So where are we going'

'Somewhere special'

'I'll pay since you payed the last time we went out '

'No I'll pay I want this to be a special night '

We he said this I became quite confused and I thought he had to tell me something important and I wasn't so worried anymore.

We arrived at a fancy restaurant it was big and glamorous a French man appeared.

'So table for two' he said

'Yes' Dave Franco replied.

We went to are seats and then ordered are food.And the rest of the date went pretty well except for the fact that he seemed quite flirtatious at dinner but I don't quite know since no ones ever flirted with me before.

After dinner we went for a nice walk on the beach on the way home,then we stopped and sat down to talk, he said 'Sienna there's something I need to tell you '

'Yes' I replied

And suddenly without warning he leaned in and missed me,passionately his soft pink lips complementing mine,I suddenly felt like it was only us two in the world sharing that special moment together ,after a few seconds he pulled away from my lips and it went quiet for a while then we carried in walking like nothing had happened 'That was what I needed to talk about' he said gently,and as we walked along the beach I had realised that he loved me and that I loved him .

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