It makes no sense to me.

Three Hispanic American girls (Vianey, Yuli, & Clara) leave to the UK to live with Isaac in hopes of one day running in to the boys that they are crazy about... Will they ever actually meet them? Read up & find out! ����

Clara graduated highschool a year before Yuli &Vianey. She decided to stay in Weslaco Texas, so that they could leave together to the UK the next year. They were going to live with the boy who had been in love with Yuli since her junior year in high school...


4. not a chapter

I hope you guys enjoy our fanfic, just so you know I'm writing this with one of my closest friends vianney ☺️ we will update as much as we can, please give us feedback tell us what you think about it so far, we would really appreciate it if you have any questions kik me: claraamaee_15 :)

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