It makes no sense to me.

Three Hispanic American girls (Vianey, Yuli, & Clara) leave to the UK to live with Isaac in hopes of one day running in to the boys that they are crazy about... Will they ever actually meet them? Read up & find out! ����

Clara graduated highschool a year before Yuli &Vianey. She decided to stay in Weslaco Texas, so that they could leave together to the UK the next year. They were going to live with the boy who had been in love with Yuli since her junior year in high school...


3. meeting Isaac

Clara's POV

I can't believe we're finally in London! I've been waiting on this day FOREVER I'm just glad I get to be here with Vianey & Yuli (mostly Vianey). This is like a dream come true! Maybe now I'll be able to meet Louis and Niall I really hope this turns out good. Omg did Vianey just say she wanted to break up zerrie? Oh god how much have I missed?

'"Clara! Clara!" Vianey yelled at me

Coming back to reality I realized I had missed a lot. But what could I do about it I was just so excited to be there.

"Let's get going Isaac should be waiting for us already." Yuli squealed

Ugh what was with this girl?! She was never excite about this boy until I told her it would be a good idea to give him a chance. Now she decides she wants him!

"Is that everything we need?" I asked before leaving the luggage area.

"Well let's hope it is cause I'm not coming back for anything" Vianey said.

"Neither am I!" I say staring at Yuli.

We walked for a couple of minutes when we finally came upon a boy with beautiful blonde hair & blue eyes, I instantly recognized him. It was Isaac, even though I had only seen him a couple of times on face time I knew that this was him. We ran towards him & embraced him in a group hug.

"Let me take your luggage to my car girls" Isaac told us. Without hesitation we agreed.

"I don't live to far from here, would you like to get something to eat then go to my house or would you like for me to cook something for you when we get home?" He sweetly asked

"I'm tired from the plane ride, can you just cook for us a home please" I said. There was one thing I had decided not to tell my parents, which was that we were going to be living with Isaac. I didn't want them to worry about us so I just told them we were getting a flat (which wasn't completely a lie).

When we arrives to his building we were all astonished by what we saw. I think he saw the look on out faces considering that he asked us if we liked what we saw.

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