It makes no sense to me.

Three Hispanic American girls (Vianey, Yuli, & Clara) leave to the UK to live with Isaac in hopes of one day running in to the boys that they are crazy about... Will they ever actually meet them? Read up & find out! ����

Clara graduated highschool a year before Yuli &Vianey. She decided to stay in Weslaco Texas, so that they could leave together to the UK the next year. They were going to live with the boy who had been in love with Yuli since her junior year in high school...


2. London!

********9 hours later**************

*Vianneys POV*

"Everyone please buckle in your seat belts. we are now landing in London.England."

I put on my seat belt and turned to look at Clara and Yuli (I got the window seat) and decided to shake them awake.

"Wake up! You lazy asses!"

I was shaking Clara and slapping yuli's shoulder.

"Why are you shaking me?! Can't I sleep!" Exclaimed Clara, pushing my hand away.

"Well, you can sleep if you want. But you'll miss all the fun."

"Who cares."

"Well, you should because we're already landing in London."


She pushed me to look out the window and saw all the London lights shining bright in the night sky.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! We're in London! Yuli!? Yuli!?"

She started slapping yuli's arm and pushing her.

"Yuli! Wake up!" She yelled slapping her on the face.

"Ow! What the hell, man?" Freaked Yuli, slapping Clara's arm away.

"We're in London! Look! Look! We can meet one direction!"

"Oh my god! Really?! I can meet Niall! Oh my god!"

The rest of the people that we're in the flight all turned to look at us. I slightly smiled at them and waved.

"Ignore them. It's normal for them to react like that."

"Vianey, shut up! You do the same thing." Said Yuli.

"Yeah. I mean can't you see! You're going to meet Zayn and you can break zerrie up!"


Authors note:

So, before anyone gives me hate let me clear things up.

1.i do not intend to break zerrie up ever, but this is a fanfic so anything can happen

2. Don't judge when you haven't fully read the story

3. We promise to update as much as we can


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