What happens when Casey Noriega bumps into Liam payne and they become best friends then she starts dating niall horan. Does Liam like Casey? ( story is 1 1/2 years in future)


1. chapter #1

Y= you n=Niall z=zayn h=Harry LO=louis l=Liam m=Marissa

You and Niall have been dating for 1 and a half years now and you both are madly in love. The boys and the Directioners love you also. One day, on one of you and nialls dates he asked you

"(Y/N), do you want to move in with me?

And you immediately said "yes, niall yes I will!"

------2 weeks later----- moving day

"Hay (Y/N), I'm going to the store and then I'll pick up some nandos on the way back ok?"

"That's fine!"

"Liam will help you out while I'm out"

Yay! You've always liked talking and spending time with Liam.

--Niall leaves----Liam enters-----

"Hey (Y/N)!"

"Hey Liam, thanks for coming to help me out!"

"No problem!"

------ 45 min later------

"Ha, look (Y/N). Is this nialls?"

"Hahaha, obviously not! It's my crop top!"

-- he puts it on --

Y " haha very stylus! "

L "It's a bit tight"

Y " take it off!!"

L"Fine, (Y/N) "

L "we got a problem here"

Y "what"

L "it's a bit too tight "

Y "your stuck?!?"

L " bingo!"

Y "oh Liam"

So you go over there And help him.

Y "this calls for drastic measures "

You grab scissors

L " so sorry! I'll buy you a new one"

Y "it's fine, it was getting old anyways!"

-----a few seconds later----

Y " finally, you free"

Wow you never noticed how sculpted his 6 pack was

Y " in the trash you go, crop top"

But Liam was right in front of the trash can

Y " Liam, move!!"

L "make me!"

Y " but there boxes every where!"

L " guess you not putting it in the trash can then are you!"

You try to get around I'm but then you deicied to just push out of the way

Y " you've asked for it!!"

You push him

L " your going down with me then"

(Remember he's shirtless)

He holds onto you as you both fall down

You land with you on top of him

You stare into his eyes

Then out-of-the-blue he smashes his lips into yours

But you actually kiss back

--------- after 3 min. Of continues kissing----

N "I got the fo"

He drops the food onto a box

And you jump off of Liam shirtless chest

Y " O MY GOD, it wasn't what it looked like

L "yea, it wasn't at all"

N " well it sure did look like you guys were making out!"

Y " it didn't mean anything!!"

L " lad I'm so sorry!"

N " I can't believe you Liam! Kissing MY girlfriend, In MY house! "

L " I'm so sorry lad! It didn't mean anything! I swear!"

N " GET OUT!!"

L " but lad..

N " and don't call me your lad"

-------Liam leaves slamming the door behind him------

You have been just watching them crying

N " I can't believe you (Y/N), you cheat on me, with not only on another guy but my but my ex-best - friend!"

Y "It didn't mean anything"

N "then why was he shirtless? Hmm why?"

Y " he found one of my crop tops and put it on and then couldn't get out of it so I cut it in half and he wouldn't let me put it in the trash so I pushed him but I feel with him and-

N "Leave" he whispered

Y "Niall! I love you! It didn't mean anything!

N " leave!!!!"

N " take your stuff too!"

You grab all you clothes and things and run to the door and slam the door behind you

*nialls P.O.V*

I can't believe her!

Kissing my best-ex best friend


That's farther then we've ever gotten!


And Liam kissing back! The nerves!

Hate then so much!!!

--deletes contacts and pictures and messages--

I'll go show Liam.

--grabs keys and wallet and phone and gets into car--

------------ at Liam's apartment--------

-- meanwhile Liam already called zayn and Louis and Harry over to talk--

-- at Liam's door--

-- Liam opens it--

N "Now it's pay back Liam !"

L " Niall!"

-- Niall punches Liam and Liam punches back ----

Soon the other boys came in and broke up the fight

LO " what are you guys fist fighting for"

N " ask Liam! He's the one that MADE OUT WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!"

L " it was a mistake!!"

Z " Niall in sure he didn't mean it"

N " oh so you guys are taking sides now! I can't believe you! I thought we stuck up to each other! Goodbye then!"

- Niall slams to door-

-Harry calls niall-

N " what!"

H " where are you!"

N " I'm just driving"

H " no your not, where are you going?"

N " to (Y/N) house!"

H " to do what?"

N " talk!!"

H " no your not!"

N " your not the boss of me!"

H " you Better not go over there!"

N " fine! I won't! I go off a cliff!"


N " why don't you trust me!

H " I d-

N " it doesn't matter anymore! I'm not in one direction any more!"

----- Niall hangs up------

*harrys P.O.V.*

I drop the phone

L " what did he say!!"

H " we are done " I whisper

Z " who's done!"

H " One direction"

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