Wesley Potter is just a regular English countryside girl. She goes to school in London. She is the #1 bully target in school. She tells her parents that her last names not a coincidence but they just ignore her. As you can tell she is a huge Harry Potter fan…


2. The Letter

Today something weird happened. I was going back inside after I finished my chores and I was yelling at my sister after she had stolen my oatmeal. Than there was a bam then an owl came flying with a letter in its talons. Just like Harry Potter. When I took it from it it flew away. I looked at the letter and it was a real genuine Hogwarts letter. I read it then looked at my parents. I always wondered why I had the last name Lupin and they had the last name Robinson. My mom said," Wesley we need to talk. We are not you're real family your real mom died in a war when you were 1 and your dad never knew you were alive. Your dad is Remus Lupin and your mom is a muggle we are witches and wizards too their friends she gave you to us right before she died. So the Harry Potter series is real but just a prediction. You are a witch and probably a werewolf."

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