Wesley Potter is just a regular English countryside girl. She goes to school in London. She is the #1 bully target in school. She tells her parents that her last names not a coincidence but they just ignore her. As you can tell she is a huge Harry Potter fan…


1. The Day

Hi my name is Wesley Lupin and I know it's kinda crazy that I'm talking to a diary but I feel that it would be better to write out my emotions than taking them out on my poor little sis.

So today I was at school and the teacher asked me what was the theme of Hatchet and of coarse I didn't know so she was like Wesley you need to pay more attention and blah blah blah. So after school some bully came and said, " Hey wacky Wesley you were really wacky and dumb today so I need to punish you by pushing you in you own horses poop." So that's how my day was I just got washed off after being pushed in the poop. Good night diary I think I'll call you Luna like Luna Lovegood.

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