Wesley Potter is just a regular English countryside girl. She goes to school in London. She is the #1 bully target in school. She tells her parents that her last names not a coincidence but they just ignore her. As you can tell she is a huge Harry Potter fan…


3. The Alley

So today I went to Diagon Alley. I got my wand and it's beautiful. We also got my schoolbooks and a ginger cat I named Flare. My " mom" said that if I get a spot on the quiditch team she would get me a Nimbus 2000. I also saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They even waved at me. Also, I sadly saw Draco. He glared at me who glares at someone? Well other than that I had a great day I even got ice cream at the shop. I'm sorry my entry is short today Luna but I'll be reading my books all night long.

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