Life can't go on without a beat.


26. 😬

Everybody seems to have a happy life, but I know I'm exaggerating a bit. Ok, maybe a lot but the fact that I think Niall is cute and sometimes kind it makes me hope things may work out good in the end. This is basically our first real date I shouldn't ruin this for him. I looked up and he was nervously twiddling this collar. I reached over and held his hand. "Thank you for dinner Niall." "Uh-um No problem." He stuttered and it made me realize how weak he may get. This early with us meeting I guess this is a good thing to know. "Um would you like to go home? I mean with what I have planned you may need a change of clothes." I raised and eyebrow. "Meaning?" "Bathers." I again raised my eyebrows. "Swim suit." "Oh sorry, still not used to the talks and such." "It's fine Sky." The way he said that gave me butterfly's in my stomach. Jamming out to All Time Low all the way to my flat was quit interesting. "Now why would you have finger nails on your skin that are that sharp?" "Niall...idk go ask them yourself." "Well I think you should know the answer if you make me listen to this, this rubbish!" I gasped and held my hand to his mouth. "Shush? We aren't friends any more." I crossed my arms giving him the silent treatment. He just kept laughing looking at my facial expressions. He didn't come in with me, just sat in his car changing the cd -.-. I grabbed a floral print bikini and changed with a "Opps! Bye!" Sweater over it. I had grabbed my wallet and phone plus a towel and headed back out. "Ready Love?" "Yeah. Did you already bring yours?" He drove off into a direction of the closest park. "Yeah I'm the one who planned this shindig any way." I giggled at his usage of words and he sent me a general smile and I one, back to him.

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