Life can't go on without a beat.



*DING* Rushing to the front door, whilst putting in my left earing, I trip over a box. "Ouch, ouch, ouch!" I say getting up and opening the door. "Hello." I chirp. "Hey beautiful." He kisses my cheek. "Ready?" He asks after a moment of silence. "Yes!" Walking to the car I notice it's raining. Gosh if I wasn't about to go on a date I would throw my heels in the trash and run around. Plus the smell of rain is nice ☺️. An awkward silence filled the car, again. I clearded my throat. "So which restaurant are we going to eat at?" "Some Italian place my friend works at." "That'll be nice." "Yeah he said free desert, just for me!" He said laughing and pointing towards himself. "MmmHmm I might have to steal some." "You would never touch a mans chocolate cake.?" "I would!" He smirked as I smiled. He had opened my car door but as soon as I stepped out a strong, cold, wet wind hit me. Niall was in front of me so he didn't notice. Shivering I entered the restaurant behind Niall. "Reservations for Horan." He said fancily. Well I guess I'm not meant for this place then. I'm just as fancy as a duck. Well ducks do look dapper, like their colors flow kinda perfectly down their backs. Did I just have an argument in my head about ducks? Am I having one about having one right now? Oh Lordy blink a few times. "Sky you alright?" "Sorry had some dust in my eyes." "Oh well the waiter asked us if we would like anything and I said wine I hope that's ok?" "Niall that's sweet but I'm underage." "You are?" "By a year." "Well you might have to drive home then." I laughed at his comment. "Hey I'm back what would you two lovely ladies like to eat?" I giggled at the waiters joke, still looking at the menu. "I'll have the Cuban, potato soup. "Ok love what would you like?" "The chicken piccata, please." "Ok some bread will be out soon." He took up the menus but Aaa he turned away I saw a glimpse of his face. Liam

I glared at Niall and felt ill. "Why would you do that to me?" "Do what?" he asked confused. "Take me to a restaurant Liam worked at?!" "Because it's fancy, I thought girls like fancy things." "Well not all the time." I rested my head on my arms, being silent and listening to others peoples conversations.

"Yeah, we plan on having the wedding outdoors."

"But we might have to cancel going to disney world. Mom isn't doing so well."

"Thank you for dinner, Bill, I hope to see you soon."

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