Life can't go on without a beat.


7. Whoops!

I woke up in my new bed. I rolled over and noticed 4 boys laying on my floor. Well Louis draped over the end of my bed. I called Niall and asked him if he wanted to come over for breakfast since I'm already cooking for 5. He doesn't answer so I text him from Liam's phone. He replies sure and he is bringing a friend. Typical men -.-. I start cooking when I hear a whistle. "Looks good" Liam says going to sit at the island. "Thanks, if the doorbell rings answer it Niall is coming over." I say while stirring the gravy. I already baked the biscuits and set out some French toast and sausage and eggs. The doorbell rings. "Liam!" "Got It!" He yelled back t me. I laid the bowl on the table along with the fruit and OJ and Water. Harry and Louis walk in along with Zayn. I guess Liam and Niall were talking because they walk in 5 minutes later with a girl on Niall's arm. She looks familiar. "No way! Sherry is that you?" She a reached. I right....... Caroline. "It's Schuyler.... And nice to see you too" "Oh I just miss the days in Mr. Bush's class how he would try to gross us out! You remember??" "Yeah" "well what have you been up to?" "Um I am working on getting my Masters and I am going to study fashion and design." "Oh I only went for 2 years since I was scouted as a model for Aeropostale." "That's good." "O. I know those aren't your famous biscuits." "They are" I say with a fake smile. She talks some more and we are about to go eat. "I am going to go change real quick." I say. "O good I thought that was your outfit!" She says laughing and so does Niall. "Haha yea. Better than those hoodies." I say getting irritated. I go and grab a low cut shirt and some ripped shorts. I added a necklace my friend got me it said STRONG. I walked downstairs and sat next to Liam and Zayn. "Dig in!" I say. We all start eating while Caroline mostly talked. Niall wasn't really paying attention to her just nodding his head. I dropped something and Liam was about to get it. "No I got it" I said smiling at Liam I bent down to my right and didn't realize Liam could see my breasts clear as day. "Um I will be right back" he says. I nod and start talking to Zayn. "And that's why I was afraid of the water." "That's really weird but I am glad you got over it. I am gonna go check on Liam I will be right back!" I walk toward Liam's room and hear soft muffled sounds.i open Liam's door and cover my mouth. He is masturbating!!! "Liam!!" I screech but whisper. "SHIT" he quickly pulled up. His underwear. "O my god I should've knocked!" I squealed. "No no shhh! Be quiet! I shouldn't have been doing this. It's just I saw your" he points to his chest." And I got turned on." "Oh" "I just I'm sorry" "Liam I mean I should've been more protective of people seeing them." I say. "God just so beautiful" he says while walking closer to me. I blush. "Niall was lucky but he blew it didn't he?" "Yeah he acted like a dick" "well usually guys who are dicks aren't good in bed" he said biting his lip. I blushed again. "Can I kiss you?" I just looked at him and nodded lightly. He bent down and cupped my face with one hand and started kissing me. It was slow but got more heated once he asked for entrance. He ended up picking me up and laying me on his bed. He crawled over top of me and started kissing my neck. I moaned a lightly and he smirked kissing my lips again. His hand reached down to lift up my shirt. "N-o no Liam" I stuttered. Our eyes met and he just nodded kissing me again. This continued for 5 more minutes till we were interrupted. "Ok love birds we are leaving" Niall says kinda pissed. I just hold onto Liam's shirt as he looks at Niall and just says bye. He huffs and slams the door. "Mmmm" I mumble against his lips. "Do you wanna go to the gym with me?" He asks. "Sure" I whisper

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