Life can't go on without a beat.


14. uh oh

"Whose car is that?" "I don't know let's go find out." *dingdong* we rang the doorbell and Louis answered. He frowned when he saw me. "I'm gonna be the first to say this. I'm sorry" he said to me. "What?" I asked and El have him a questioning look. He just shook his head and opened the door."that wasn't weird at all." "Tell me ab-" El's hand flew to her mouth as she looked in the living room. "What?" I say turning around. I gulped And turned to El. I hugged her tight. "Come on let's go to your room, it's not very good in here at the moment." I just nodded tears welling at my eyes. "Both of them?!" El yelled at Louis. " I got home 5 minutes before you did! They wouldn't listen!" "Do they even know we are here!" "Probably not." "Well could you go slap them for me?"I pout. "Sure thing." Louis said walking out.

Louis's POV

Why would both of them do this? Well Niall obviously would but Liam? "So how is the make out/dry sex party going for each of you?" I say to them. Walking over to Liam I slap him across his scruffy cheek. Then moving to Niall and doing the same. "What the fuck Lou!!" "What the freaking hell?!!" "Shame on both of you!" "For what?"Niall said whispering something to Caroline and she nodded walking out the door the other girl following. "You," I pointed at Niall, "for being a dick yourself. And you!" I point towards Liam his height towering over me. "For being a cheating ass." "What the hell, we weren't dating." "Oh so when you called me your girlfriend the other day in front of the girl you just dry humped with. Was an act?" Schuyler said. Uh Oh she heard it all...

AN: sorry it's short but I'm on vacation!

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