Life can't go on without a beat.


2. the other side

Niall's POV

so So here's the story from a-z if you wanna get with me you better.... I shut off my sisters shitty music. "HEY!" "Hey yourself" "what was that for?" "I finally convinced the new hot chick at school to come over for the party late and I don't need you scare in her off" "how would I do that?" "By just being you." I know that might have been a little rude but it is true. My sister is homosexual so if I ever bring a girl home it is awkward cause she is tempted to experiment so she "touches" them. I have never heard from most of those girls except for Emily but she is bi so she was used to it I ever bring a girl home it is awkward cause she is tempted to experiment so she "touches" them. I have never heard from most of those girls except for Emily but she is bi so she was used to it.

An hour later Schuyler arrived. "Hey Niall" "Hey Babe" I said while winking at her. She blushed and looked down. "Well c'mon in, the lads and I were about to set up the speakers and Dj table." "Do you need help?"

"Only if you wanna. If you want to you can put out drinks, chips and dip, and all the skittles vodka. O and don't forget the water bottles" I say while chuckling. Lord knows what we would do with them. I watched at she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at me before asking where the kitchen was. " right here" I say while going around a corner with her following me. I saw her open the fridge and squat. DAMN! Her ass. I licked my lips as someone patted my shoulder. "Oi Niall where do you want the speakers?" Harry asked. Over towards the tv so you can set up the connection to show the lyrics!" "Ai mate" Louis said as they walked off carrying a large set of speakers.

Natalie's POV (Niall's sister)

I know Niall said this girl is off limits but she is beautiful. The way her hair is straight but tries to be curly. Her baby blue eyes. Her rosey cheeks. O my gosh. O gosh nat stop! She is straight! Hmm what if I could turn her. Then I could finally be happy. I will suggest we play dirty dares! There are usual some homorific dares in there! Yes I might get a chance.

Schuy's POV

"Hey Niall?" I said but I don't think he heard me. "What do ya need love." A very muscular guy asked me. "O I was just gonna tell niall I was done with the drinks." I say and point. His jaw basically dropped. "What did you do!?" "I just made is look presentable" I say quietly. Does he not like it? I just made it rainbows and made a couple of extraordinary figures out of the glasses for effect. "It's amazing! Hold on let me get the lads." O joy... I get embarrassed real easily and just him saying that made my face feel like the sun! "Oi lads look" the guy said as they all awed. "Did nice babe" Niall stated as he patted my back. It was a little rough but he was a guy it's what I expected. 20 minutes later and the house was packed. Niall's one friend was the Dj. I think his name is Zayn any way his girlfriend is up there dancing with her two friends. "Whose up for dares!" I think his name is Louis bellowed. Niall, Harry Liam, Natalie, Danielle, Katy, Jess and Eleanor all raised their hands. I kinda just sat there shy but Niall said "she'll play too, don't mind her you guys she is new to the area" " So shall we make it dirty dares?" Louis asked. Every one said yeah and nodded their heads. "So Harry truth or Dare?" "Dare" "Snog Jess for 2 minutes" they basically were lions acting as if each other were their last meal. "Ok so Liam Truth or Dare" harry asked as he whipped lip gloss off his mouth. "Truth.. I like to start off leads tense." "Ok you boob... Who here has the best ass?" "I don't know I think evey girl would have to stand up" he said cheekily. " I am just kidding definitely Dani!" He said and kissed her. "Niall truth or Dare?" "Dare mofo!" "Fuck Katy's mouth" I gulped. I really liked Niall but if he goes through with this without seeing how much this makes me cringe then he shouldn't be worth it. He looked at me then to Katy. "Fine but not in public. C'mon Katy up to my room it is." They came back 6 minutes later and Katy's hair was all tangled. Gag. "Ok Natalie truth or dare" Katy asked for Niall. "Dare." "Hmmm. I dare you to eat out Schuyler in front of your brother and his friends. You can go upstairs but they would have to too." I could see how uncomfortable she was. "O and you must record it" Katy said and smirked evilly. My face turned completely red as Niall looked pissed. I I whispered a small ok as she dragged me upstairs with the boys following.

Niall and I were the only ones not drunk so yeah. "K sexys let's get this show on the road!" Harry smirked while Louis and Liam laughed. Katy started to pull down my high wasted skirt. I looked down at her and she smiled and moved my panties to the side. She grinned and stuck a finger inside of me and visously biting my Clint. I moaned loudly as harry recorded it. I wasn't moaning on purpose it was my bodies reaction. She flicked her tongue and I moaned more. Niall looked away as she fingered and licked me trying so hard to hit my g-spot. When they said times up I immediately pulled my panties and skirt back up. Niall look so pissed as we walked down stairs but before harry could show them I took his phone and deleted it. "Hey! That's my pone" "that's my privacy" I say loudly while blushing. "Ha must've been the first time she was ever touched there if she's acting like that." Katy laughed. I don't know why but I felt like crying. I ran out of Niall's house and started fast walking down the street and then hopping trying to take off my heels. I heard my name being called by Niall. I turned around. "Wh-att?" I cried. "Hey what's the matter?" "That Katy and the whole dare thing and ugh!" I say while sniffing. " it's ok." "No it's not I let someone see my before I was married and now every one is laughing g at me cause I am a damn virgin!" I scream at him. "You're a virgin" he asks dimbfounded. "Yes now can you just let me go home so I can cry some mor?" I tried asking. "No I am taking you home." He says and picks me up and drags me to his car. He drives me home while I pout. "This house" I mumble. I get out and he walks me to my door. I use my key to get in as he follows. I see a note on the counter.

Hey sweetie I am so so so sorry for short noticing you again but I was called for a business trip and won't be home for a whole month! There is $500 dollars in : different jars. Use one jar at a time. I will be home before you know it

<3 Mom

"Ugh" I say "what" Niall asks. He picks up the note and reads it. "O, well do you want me to spend the night tonight?" "Sure"

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