Life can't go on without a beat.


18. Thank you

"Ok, so, I'm going to start from the beginning?" She nodded slowly. She then gave a weak smile asking for me to continue.

"I am sorry. I guess I got to comfortable hanging around you, I was starting to think of you as one of the guys. You were new to town so you probably didn't know who I really was. Some day I'll tell you my story but not today." She nodded encouraging me to finish. I sighed heavily. "What I'm trying to say is, I was a jerk, and I messed up but that's what most people do." She laughed at that. "C'mon, tell me you don't make mistakes?" "I make many mistakes, and I have

more to make on the way." Seeing that toothy grin made me laugh. "Niall, I started to have feelings for you , but when you snapped and laughed in my face, I couldn't help but get upset. Then the whole thing with Liam. What the hell even happened when we left?!" "Well, I was kinda annoyed with the thought of Liam and you so I invited Caroline over, she wanted to bring a friend, we may have had a few beers, shit happens, then Liam is basically having sex with her." Her mood immediately changed. "Hey, hey, don't frown, he's a douche when he wants to be." "I just think that's maybe one of the reasons he agreed to it. I didn't want to have sex. We had literally had our first kiss, and he was rushing. I would have truly wanted to wait a few months before we took it all the way." "Thank you! Some one who has my same priorities!" I cheekily smiled, and she giggled.

"Thank you Niall." "For what?" "For being a man and apologizing. "Well then, you're welcome." "Good night." She kissed my cheek, closing the door, blushing.

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