Life can't go on without a beat.


9. pervert

I was already through with my workouts and as I walked to where Liam's gym I heard giggles. "Wow! Your muscles are so big. I bet that isn't the only thing that is either." I opened the door to see a group of three girls with their asses hanging out. "Well I have a pretty big head to." He states laughing. "I bet your other head is nice too." She says feeling his shoulders while he continues his weight lifting. "To bad you won't get to see them." I say setting down my stuff. "Uh who are you" one girl said. "Quiet Patrisha I got this. And who are you ya skank?" The middle one asked with sass. "I'm Schuyler and it isn't a pleasure to meet you" I cross my arms over my chest. "Ladies I would like you to meet my girlfriend" my heart rate speed up as he said that. Heheheh ok sorry he is just so... Meow😻! "Ugh slut!" She said storming off her "friends" following her lead. Dumb bitch I said inside my head.

"So where were we earlier." "I believe I was gonna take a shower." "Don't tease me" "I'm not doing anything" "I'm sweaty so good luck!" I strip down climbing in and running the water. It felt so good only to realize I forgot a towel! "LIAM?!" "Yes?" He called back. "Bring me a towel please?" "Okay!" The door opened as I turned off the water. Liam there with his hand covering his eyes. "Thank you and no peeking!" I laugh but yet scold. "Yes M'am" he says saluting me with his free hand. I wrap the towel around my wet hair and pull on a tee shirt and boy short under garments. I turn around to see a smiling Liam. "You cheeky pervert!" I swat his arm. He grabbed my wrist pulling me close. "A mans a man my darling" he says before....

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