Life can't go on without a beat.


6. Moving

I stared at the ceiling. "Wait" I mumble... Holy fudge! Today I am moving into my own home! It's been a week since the little misunderstanding between Niall and I. I quickly got dressed into this outfit.( for every thing I say looked like this PLEASE kik me, the outfits and rooms I wanna show you are so beautiful that it would kinda ruin the story if you didn't see them! Kik- ITZShuyler )

I saw the truck come and the door bell had rung. "You Miss Luv?" "Yes, I am" I say with my newly found independence. "Ok the trucks are ready. 137 blue road correct. "Yep I'll meet you there." "Sure thing m'am" how did I get all this money? Easy! I work for Pepsi co it pays $300 every 2 hours, if you do your job..... I hopped into my white Chevy and drove off.

3 hours of heavy lifting by 13 men later.........

"Here miss Luv, sign these saying no damage was done to the new furniture and to also show we actually did our job. "Thank you so much, here." I gave then a 400 dollar tip. "Wow m'am thank you thank you so much." They wave and leave. "Just another day at home huh." I mumble. Hmmm I might need some help unpacking..... I texted Liam.

"Hey can you help me? You can bring the boys if you want. :)"

"Sure with what though?"

"You'll see just type in 137 blue road in your GPS. ;)"


Woo! This place is going to be the best when we get finished.

I opened the door to see Liam about to knock again. "Hey" I say grinning like an idiot. "Hey what's this place?" He asks lookin around. "Ah ah ta ta! Shoes Off!" "Jeez ok" Lou laughs at me.

"C'mon in guys" Liam.Zayn, Louis , and Harry walk in. "Niall's not coming?" I ask kinda frown pouting. "Uh.... He's with his gf" "oh we at least you came!" I say hugging them. When they said that my mind started racing with so many thoughts. "Schuyler? Schuyler? Sky?" "What sorry! In a day dream I guess." "O well what is this place?" Zayn asks. "My New House!!" I squeal. "Nice" Lou and Harry say. We start unpacking but Lou found my clothing box and finds my bra. "Ooo purple lace. Mins if you try it on?" He says winking while the other lads laugh. "Stop just put that in the room next to the big bath room. "Mk ima look at the others!" He yells walking down the hall. I chuckle to myself. Liam, Zayn and I are painting the walls while Louis and Harry unpack my decorations and other small items. "LIAM!" Zayn screeches I look over to see Zayn's whole back painted. I cover my mouth to stifle a giggle. "So you think this is funny?" He says grinning and walking towards me. "No no! I'm sorry No" but it's too late he has painted my left cheek. "Zayn!" Harry and Liam laugh. 5 hours later. "Ugh!" I moan "you guys can stay over and I will order pizza for your help?" "Thx sky" "thanks it was fun" "I liked the red pair best. " "shut up" we laughed. This has been a productive day.

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