Life can't go on without a beat.


16. look me in the eyes

"Schuyler open up!" I yelled. "Damn" I cursed. "I hope this door doesn't cost a lot" I muttered before slamming into it several times, finally breaking it. "Schuyler?!" I yelled. I heard sobs coming from a few rooms away. Walking towards the kitchen it got louder. "Schuyler?" I said the sobs stopped. I walked quickly through her bedroom seeing the bathroom door cracked.

The door creaked as I opened it. "Please, don't come in." She said her voice horse. I opened it more. "Fuck" she said wrapping a towel around her. "What the hell did you do?!" I yelled at her. Yelling seemed like the appropriate course of action in my eyes, but I knew it wasn't. "I'm sorry, please, let me see.?" I said, more like whispered. She shook her head. "Please baby." "I'm not your baby." She whispered but slowly turned her wrist. "Oh my God." I said. "I know. They make me look uglier than I already am." She tried to pull it back but I was stronger. "Did I cause this?" I said. She just shook her head. "Look Me In The Eyes!" I said raising my voice. She lifted her head up little tears pouring out of her eyes. "Did I make you do this?" I asked once more. "No." "Then why?😾" "because I'm so ugly that I thought this would distract me from it all!" She yelled trying to get up but failed when she stepped in the razor. "Oh my god." She put her hand over her mouth to contain the pain. "Shhh shhh shh c'mon." I said lifting her up and setting her on the counter. "Just squeeze my left shoulder if it hurts that's bad." I say dabbing the wound with peroxide. The alcohol bubbled against her skin as her nails dug into my shoulder tiny grunts coming from her mouth. I laughed at the sound wrapping gauze around her heel. "All better now I can properly apologize."

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