Life can't go on without a beat.


28. Lake Date

The Lake he brought me to was small and not very crowded so I liked it. He removed his shirt and flipflops, climbing into the water. I stood there looking at his ink covered chest. "You gonna come in?" "What? No what of it's cold?!" "That's the point." "Then nope." I pop the "P" smiling at him. He starts coming out of the water ginning and once on land he runs at me. I squeal getting up and running away. "Stop chasing me!" "Then stop running! And get in the water you goon!" "I'm not a goon!" I tripped and slipped into the water. I splashed back up screaming. "IT'S SO FUCKING COLD!" I noticed Niall was no where to be seen. Just then a pair of warm arms wrapped around me. I closed my eyes and spoke. "Please tell me that is you and not some lake monster." "It's me and are you ok?" "Yeah I'm fine just cold!" He laughed at that. "Just swim around and move, it helps regulate body temperature." "Gee thanks Bill Nye The Science Guy." "Who?" "Sorry American term." I turned to face him once I pulled my self on the bank of the lake. I has wiped my eyes and noticed my hand was a little black. "Oh gosh Niall can we cut this date short my make up is running." "Who cares what matters is we are having fun." "It just feels weird." "You are surrounded by water wash it off." He simply stated swimming farther in. I sigh and slide back in the water. I dip my head in and scrub as much as I can feel off. "Is it gone? " I ask him slowly swimming towards him. I don't understand why we're swimming the water isn't very deep. "Is it all gone?" "No," he pauses then takes a deep breath looking at me, "you're so beautiful, why wear makeup?" "I just thinks it makes me look better, it's a habit I can't stop, I'm just used to reapplying all the time, day after day, just becomes a routine I guess." "Well in that case you missed a spot." I blushed from embarrassment but soon I feel a slight ping on my lips. I look at him with wide eyes as he kisses me but I just go with it closing my eyes. Our lips synchronized, moving ever so slowly. My left arm wrapped around his neck, my right one lightly holding his cheek. His arm his wrapped tightly around my body as the other supports my bottom, even though my legs are wrapped around his torso. The kiss was abruptly stopped when his entire body became still. I opened my eyes to see his wide with fear. "W-what's the matter?!" I say a hitch in my voice . "I am going to lightly set you on top of the water and you are going to lay on your back floating and then I will push you closer to the shore, ok?" "U-uh ok?" I stutter confused by this. We do as he planned and as I reach the shore pulling my self up and wrapping a towel around me he pulls at the draw string of his swim shorts and my eyes widen. "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" He screams from the water. "YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE!" I yell back. I then hear noises which sound like a little girl who saw a spider. I open one eye to see Niall squealing and swimming away as his swimmers float on the water. I am confused till a snake about as long as his arm crawls out of them. I put a hand over my mouth as he walks over with a towel wrapped around his waist. I look at him and start laughing

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