Life can't go on without a beat.


8. gym time

My spandex is my favorite fashion! My neon pink tank top and neon blue shorts=fab! "Even when you are gonna get sweaty, you still look great." Liam said grabbing a water bottle. "I try." I say wrapping my hair in a bun. "DONT DROP THAT THUN THUN THUN! What? And if you drop it! What? Just grab a bad bitch and head to the club! What?" I sang and Liam just laughed at me. "Shhhh pretty boy I know I can't sing so shhhh." I say placing a finger in his lips. "First of all... I'm a man. Second I am pretty!" He said doing the Gaiest pose ever. "Girl please!" We laughed the whole way there

"I'm gonna go towards the gym." "Duh girl so am I!" "Stop acting gay now." "Can't stop won't stop." "Shush" "never say never." "Seriously" "shhhh" he finished off. We set down our things and I grabbed my vball and started stretching my arms. "You play basketball?" I asked. "Yeah why?" "I just see you as a football man." "Really?" "Nope" "haha" Liam was has been doing layups for the past 20 minutes when two girls walked in. One saw Liam and bit her lip. Grrrrrrrrrr ruff ruff grrrrrr.... Attack mood is now engaged! "What are you doing here all alone?" "Um actually I'm" "how long have you been playing basketball?" Rude much she interrupted him. "Not long." "Well we were wondering if you wanted to grab a coffee when you are done." "Um he is kinda busy sorry maybe another day!" I say happily(lol one direction song right dere<<<<<) . "Um who are you?" She asks placing her hands on her hips. "She's my girlfriend." He says wrapping a sweaty arm around me kissing my cheek. "So a buh bye!" I say waving.

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