Life can't go on without a beat.


10. drunk

Before...... My phone rang and nobody answered when i spoke then A loud crash came from down stairs. "What the hell was that?!?!!" "I don't know Sherlock why don't we go and find out!" I whisper yell at Liam. "I'm sorry I get scared easily." I apologize to him. "It's ok." I walk down stairs first and the glass on my balcony window is busted open. "What the hell." I muttered muddy footprints dotted the living room and towards the kitchen. My refrigerator door stood open. "What the-" "Hey baby, I missed you so much!" NIALL? "What the fucking hell Niall?!" "Oh you didn't answer your calls so they couldn't page you and your window seemed nice." He smirked so evilly. "Are you drunk?" "Maybe maybe not." He said walking closer. Liam came out from the hallway. "Hey why the hell are you here?" He seethed at Niall. Am I missing something? "Awe so you to are fuck buddies now that is so so adorable!" "Mate you're drunk c'mon let me take you home." "Liam if he got here and he isn't dead then he can get home if he lives 6 houses down from this road." I cross my arms over my chest. "Babe really it's fine." Niall smirked and Liam shot daggers at the both of us. "Ugh just leave." I storm upstairs. What is wrong with those boys?

AN I promise I truly do. This will get better!

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