Life can't go on without a beat.


21. care for you

"I always accepted the hate, but denied the compliments.

I said I was fine, even though I cried.

I said I was happy, along with the scars upon my wrists.

I didn't care what people thought when I was eager to be perfect, when I feel like letting people believe all my lies."

"That's a lot to take over the years, you know?" I continued.

"Why did you cut?" He said with a firm tone still applying to the situation.

"They always told me to be happy. It was the only pain I could control." His hand caresses my cheek as my own two hold onto his right.

"Don't harm yourself tonight, don't commit suicide tonight. You are beautiful from the inside and out. You have the strength to get through tonight. I know you can do this, and always remember that I-I lo—

care for you."

"Thank you for being a man and not a boy, Niall." I hugged him, my face hidden in the crevice of his neck. He smelled strong but nice, and it may have been weird that I was sniffing him, but it seemed to relax me.

"Hey, quit sniffing me for a second. I need to ask you something."


"Forget the asking part, I know you're going to say yes." There's that smirk again. I raised my eyebrows.

"Dinner Tuesday night. Be ready by 5:30."

"No." His face dropped an embarrassed blush forming upon his skin.

"I'm kidding, I would love too."

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