Life can't go on without a beat.


3. Aye mate

Schuy's POV

I woke up and heard soft snores. I looked up and saw Niall from last night. I studied his features. His Jaw line was perfect and his hair was flawless. "Enjoy what you see love?" He asks while chuckling. I jump at his voice which makes him laugh more."sorry" "it's ok love. Now could you kinda scoot over I have to take a piss." I blushed and climbed off the bed. When he walked to the door I noticed he was only in boxers. I was knocked out of my thoughts when the doorbell rung. I walked downstairs while quickly pulling a hoodie over my tank top. I opened the door and was greeted by Niall's friends. "Aye is Niall here we've been lookin for him" Liam stated. "Uh yea h..." "Hey lads what's up" he was now changed into an I'm Irish tank and black skinny jeans. "Aye we have been looking for ya" "so I heard" he chuckled. "It's valentines day and it's freezing so if you love us you will let us in" Zayn said . I backed away from the door letting them in. My stomach grumbled so I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana. I quickly peeled it and started to open a large package I got but accidentally cut my thumb. "Fudge" I said and put the banana in my mouth while trying to open a bandaid. "Hey Schuyler are you..." He stopped talking and laughed. "Wow if you could do that position quickly in the morning you should've told me. Here let me help you." He grabbed the end of the banana from my mouth and opened the bandaid for me. "Thanks" "so what's this he said taking a bite of apple and pointing to the package. "I don't know let's find out!"

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