Better than Luck.

There s A girl Named Emily Wagner, She was looking for some fun, But Soon enough she met one direction at a concert, But... Thing's Got way too much fun
Read my book and see what happen's :3
Please no hate comment's


1. The Concert

It Was 3:00 P.M It was time too Go to the One direction Concert, TODAY! Yay I Think so myself "Em!" My mom Yell's From down stair's "GET DRESSED IT'S ALMOST TIME TOO GO!" She say's "Okay Mom" I say as I walk too my closet "Hmm?" I think to myself what too wear, I see a black and white TankTop "That seems good" I say as I Look through my Drawer's For Some pant's "I'll just wear my Short's" I Say as I notice A hole In them on the leg. "Eh- My mom won't care" I say as I put on some sock's and my black Van's, "Emily!" My mom yells again, "I said im coming!" I say as I run down stair's "Let's go, move it, Move it" My mom says as she pushes me out the door and get's into the car. We finally Arrive at where the concert is going too be played at, "Yay Were here" I say as a trip on the curb "Emily!" My mom say's freaking out as she sees blood Dripping down my leg, "I'm Fine Mom, Just a little Cut" I Say as I run inside, But what I didn't Notice I ran in the Door that lead Backstage, I go into the bathroom And grab a paper towel And Wet it I walk out of the bathroom and hold it on me knee, I Bump into someone, "Oh Whoop's" My Eye's meet with HARRY STYLES, HOLY SHIT! "Umm.." Harry say's Looking down at me, "And who might you be?" He asks me, "What are you doing in this part?" I Ask him standing up, "What do you mean your Backstage" He says chuckling, "What I am, Shit.." I Whisper, "It's Alright" Harry says Padding my Shoulder, "Just.. Don't let it happen again" He says Kissing my cheek And walking off (HOLY SHIT HARRY STYLES JUST KISSED ME!) I think to myself my jaw dropped (2 hour's later the concert was Over) "Wow that was amazing" I Say without even noticing I bump into Harry again, "Harry!?" I say Freezing up, "Ah- We meet Again" He say's Laughing, "Yeah I guess" I say looking up at Him, "Hey me and the boy's are having a party at Liam's mom's house want too come?" He asks me at first I thought he was playing with me until he got a serious look on his face, "Really?" I ask chuckling. "Me..?" I say Padding his cheek, "Your crazy Sweet heart" I Say giggleing, "Of course i'll come" I say "Cool I'll pick you up around 7:00?" He asks me, "Sound's Great too me" I say as I get into the car and roll down my window, 'See you at 7:00" I smile as my mom starts too drive off.

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