Better than Luck.

There s A girl Named Emily Wagner, She was looking for some fun, But Soon enough she met one direction at a concert, But... Thing's Got way too much fun
Read my book and see what happen's :3
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2. Party Meet up.

It was 7:00 I wasn't even dressed yet "Shit!" I say as I look at the clock, I go and put on some Blue skinny jeans and a lacey Shirt with heart's and stars on them, I put on my sock's and my Blue Converse, "Mom im going" I say as I see  A limo and Harry Rolls down the window "Come on!" He says I open the door and sit down, "By the way im Emily" I Giggle, After the drive we Arrive I couldn't Believe Liam's moms house was only a mile away from mines! "Ms.Payne, Open up it's harry" Harry says as Liams mom opens the door and lets us inside I walk into the living room see Liam ,Zayn ,Louis , And Niall. "Guy's this is Emily she's going too hang out with us Ok?" Harry says talking slowly He Tried not too laugh, "Wait Emily how old are you?" Harry asks me, "Im 18 Planning on moving out of my moms house"  I giggle, "Hey Emily" Everyone Says "Hi" I say back.." Smiling My eye's Met with Liam's "H-Hi" Liam Say's, "Hi" I say sitting Between Zayn And Niall, "Hi Emily" Zayn say's Turning on a movie. "YAY HORROR MOVIE I LOVE THESE!" Everyone Laugh's as I yelled it, "What?" I Said Giggling, "Damn" I Said As it got scary I Hide my face I Zayn's Shoulder, Peeking Every second, Zayn Laughs and Pats my head, "Shhh" He Says While Chuckling, After a while I fell asleep on Zayn's Chest, "Hey, Wake up.." Liam says Shaking Zayn and Me,   "Hmm" I Grunt as Liam's Face was in mine, "Ah" I scream waking up Zayn, "Hmm" He says yawning, "Emily? Did we fall asleep?" He asks Me, "I don't know what does it look like Zayn" I laugh As my shirt Rids Up to where my Bra Lenth was at, "Ahh Whoops" I Pull down my shirt, "Uh Liam is it alright if I go take a shower here?" I ask him, "Yeah sure go use the Bathroom in the hallway" He says, "Alright thank's" I say as I go to a Laundry Basket Grabbing a Plain White Towel, "Ah this should be it" I say as I open the door and take off my shoes and sock's and get naked I start the shower and get inside I run my finger's through my hair and put shampoo On my Hand's and Rub it in my hair, I Put my head under the water and rinsed I Put Conditioner And washed. I turned off the water and Opened the Curtain The door Swung open, "ZAYN!" I say as I grab the towel and Put it over my body "I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I" He looks at the toilet and Freezes up "I-I-I-I-I-I-I" He tries too talk but he was still frozen, He drops his Jaw And Moves his Eyes up and down my body like he was Doing some kind Of Sexual Eye Sex or something.


 ALERT::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: New word Discovered

Sexual Eye Sex XD


"Im sorry" He said and rushed out of the bathroom..





BYE GUMMY BEARS~ LiamLover108 :3

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