One Less Lonely Girl

One Less Lonely Girl is about a girl named Sarah. She thought she had it all when it came to her new love. Once she finds out a secret he has been hiding she is devastated. What will happen to her? What will she do?


4. What? When?

Chapter 4 What? When?

It's the first day back at school from the long fun summer! Christian decided that he wanted to come to my school and try it out. He picked me up around 7:30. We walked into school hand in hand with our heads held high. People looked at us like we were crazy. Its not like we just started dating. Didn't everyone know by now? I guess not! My friend Taylor came up to me with the weirdest look on her face. She grabbed my hand and dragged me away.

"What are you doing with him?" Taylor said loud enough to the point that the people around us could hear.

"What do you mean Taylor," I said "We have been dating for over two months!"

"No its not how long you two have been dating!" Taylor whispered.

"Then what is it Taylor? Why can you not tell me?"

She pulled me into the girls bathroom where every girl was refreshing their makeup. She yelled at them to get out. She locked the door and stared at me with those "I know something and you don't" eyes. I had to force what she was hiding out of her. The second she said what she was hiding my head hit the floor and I was out.

I woke up hours latter with a bright light shining in my eyes and Christian standing over me. He told me that I had fainted and cracked my head open enough to where I needed stitches. Taylor was out in the waiting room, and he was still leaning over me. He started to speak, "Are you ok Sarah? Taylor said you fell pretty hard! Why did you pass out? Did you see blood? Did you see a bug? I know some girls faint at that kind of a sight!"

"Just shut up Christian I don't want to hear it after someone had to tell me about your little friend!"

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