One Less Lonely Girl

One Less Lonely Girl is about a girl named Sarah. She thought she had it all when it came to her new love. Once she finds out a secret he has been hiding she is devastated. What will happen to her? What will she do?


1. The Boy of my Dreams

Chapter 1 The Boy of My Dreams!

He was someone I had never seen. He was amazing. He is one of those boys who can play almost every sport and be good at it.

It was the end of May. I was waiting on the tee to watch him tee off. As soon as he walked off the tee he walked over to me and said "Text me!" I was freaking out I had no clue who this person was. I didn't know what to say back so I just smiled.

When I got home I pulled out my phone. I search his name "Christian Carter" I found him. I immediately asked to be his friend. Ten minuets after I did that we were friends. We started talking... We got to know each other.

The more I found out about him the more I thought that he was my "long lost best friend!" We liked a lot of the same things like golf and shoes. No he is not gay. He calls himself a sneaker head. I personally thought he was crazy to have a new pair of shoes everyday. But at the same time I liked it.

I found out that we would be playing in a lot of the same golf tournaments over the summer. Each time before a tournament we would wish each other good luck. We would putt together until we had to tee off. We became really good friends.

We started to hang out after tournaments and on the weekends. We were having a lot of fun together. I started to get a crush on him. I hadn't had a boyfriend since 6th grade. I was looking for our friend ship not go beyond friends but if he liked me the same I would have been ok with it. I told my best friend Haley about him. She did not believe me when I told her about him.

Christian and I had a big tournament coming up. I was very nervous about playing good. I told him that I needed his help keeping calm. He rushed over to my hotel room to see me. His idea of keeping calm was swimming. I asked him why swimming? He told me that swimming takes his mind off playing and helps him stay calm. So we went swimming. The whole time I tried not to kiss him.

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