One Less Lonely Girl

One Less Lonely Girl is about a girl named Sarah. She thought she had it all when it came to her new love. Once she finds out a secret he has been hiding she is devastated. What will happen to her? What will she do?


6. Is It Over?

Chapter 6: Is It Over?

I was so upset; that I wanted to punch a hole in something! I called Taylor as soon as I got up the next morning. She said maybe it was just a friend he was talking to. I thought for a moment and them said it cant be his friend they were laughing.

The next day I tried to avoid him, but everywhere I went their he was. I packed my bags loaded them into the car and screamed for my mother over the lobby phone. She quickly came down to the car and we took off. I liked him but I didn't know what I was going to do I liked him!!

When I got home I sat on my front steps of my house. I just cried until I saw him. He was walking up my driveway. I tried to get away but it was too late.

He sat me down and asked why I was acting so weird. I told him about the night that I was going to see him, and how I heard some girl. He told me it was no one, but deep down inside I knew he was lying. All I could think about was how he lied to my face. He kissed me on the forehead. I tried to avoid what he was going to do next. He told me to put my head on his shoulder and to forget the past. I had to tell him. What would I tell him. I hooked up with your best friend? No he would kill me. Out of no where I said, "I slept with Cameron..." He got up slowly and walked away. I sat there sobbing until he came back moments later. He had tears in his eyes. He stood me up and kissed me like the day we first met. It started getting more intense. He picked me up still kissing me, and carried me to my room. He threw me on the bed and stripped me.

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