One Less Lonely Girl

One Less Lonely Girl is about a girl named Sarah. She thought she had it all when it came to her new love. Once she finds out a secret he has been hiding she is devastated. What will happen to her? What will she do?


5. Flash Back

Chapter 5 Flashback

5 Days earlier

"Come on babe it's ok no one has to know!"

"Christian I am not going to go out with you! You have a girlfriend rember? Her name is Sarah!"

"I don't care about her right now! She is out of town for the next few days no one has to know about this ok?"

"Christian is that you?"

"Who are you?"

"You know I'm Sarah's best friend... Taylor..."

"Oh right Taylor... What are you doing here?"

"Oh I'm on a date with my boyfriend! How about you?"

"Just hanging out with a friend... Why what did you see??"

"Oh just you and Jessica making out thats all... Oh and I think your hand kind of went up her shirt a little a few minuets ago!"

"You can not tell Sarah about this... I love her but I don't want to hurt her!"

"I wont say a word as long as you get away from her and never see her again! Or the first thing I tell Sarah when she gets back is that her boyfriend cheated on her! I don't think you want me to do that right?"

"Yes, I will break up with her... Just never act like you saw us together!"

"Tell that to the other people from our school... Thats why I came over here to talk to you... I was not the first person to notice you..."

"Ok well... I will just say I'm going to the bathroom and never come back everyone will think it was just a mistake."

The next day...

"Hey Sarah hows it going in New York?"

"Its gong very well... I really wish you were here Christian I miss you s much I cant even explain!"

"I miss you too babe... Have you talked to Taylor lately?"

"No why? Is she ok?"

"Ya she is fine I was just wondering if you had talked to any of your friends at all?"

"I have been so busy with this photo shoot that we have barely been able to talk too!"

"I have a surprise for you!"

"What is it?" Knock-Knock "Oh hold on someone is at the door..." "OMG!!! What are you doing here Christian???"

"I wanted to come see you. I could not stand to be so far from you!"

Christian took me out to dinner that night. After dinner we walked around Times Square. We went back to my hotel room at The Plaza. I told him good night and kissed him on the cheek. I started to walk away he grabbed my arm, and then he grabbed my hips. He told me he loved me and then kissed me. I didn't want him to stop but i knew my mom would be in the lobby any minuet looking for me. I was already 15 minuets late. He didn't let go of me he kept kissing me. I kissed him to the point where I could no longer breath. I asked him to stay; we would get a room for just the two of us so we cold kiss somemore. Sure enough there was my mother after I said that. I told her to stand by the elevators so I could tell Christian good night. I handed him my credit card and told him to get us a room. I told him I would be down once my mom fell asleep.

I walked to the elevators to go up. I got in one with my mom and went to our room. Once my mom was asleep I slipped out the door and went down to Christians room. When I got their I heard him talking to some girl. I walked away and never went back after that...

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