Till Next Time

It's 25 years in the future and the Goverment is shut down. Nellie Walker and the organization she works for is about to go on the mission they have been planning for years. More than that she might have to face an old enemy from her past. Yeah and did I mention she is only 13?


6. Going

  Sophia nodded her head sadly ,'' Don't worry about Terry he snaps at every one,''. I bobbed my head in agreement and then rubbed my temples,'' You know what really sucks is that I have to spend a Helicopter ride with him,''. Sophia gave me a sympathetic smile then shut the laptop.

          That's when I realized that it would be sooner than expected. I saw Terry point to the helicopter. My face paled when I saw that he still had a frown on.

                     Smith nudged me , '' You can do this Nel you are smart,''. I nodded grateful to have some support. Getting in the helicopter I dodged Terry's glare, '' What is your problem with me?''. Terry flipped the switch and grunted,'' I just don't trust my sister''. '' What does that have to do with me'', I demanded. Terry gave a small smile,'' I know you Nellie you would not be able to spend 5 minutes in a room with Morgan with out someone getting hurt''.

                          I didn't say any thing for I knew it was true. I stared at the ground below us. I should have free but, I felt as trapped as a bird in a cage. I started to shake when I saw what loomed up ahead. It was nondescript and normal. With glass windows everywhere , so you could get a 360 degree view. It rose into the sky and towered over the other buildings. As it towered over my nightmares. It was The building that could destroy this country. It was the CPA building. And I was heading towards it right now.

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