Till Next Time

It's 25 years in the future and the Goverment is shut down. Nellie Walker and the organization she works for is about to go on the mission they have been planning for years. More than that she might have to face an old enemy from her past. Yeah and did I mention she is only 13?


9. Down

                                           I ungracefully spilled out of the cart, thanking my lucky stars that it was over. Felix helped me up and smiled,'' so Nellie don't like the cart do you?''. I nodded the inside of me wanting to yell at him for the hallway accident. Instead I gave him a small smile,'' You know that I will get you back for that''. Felix shrugged his shoulders and he looked around the room giving a start.

                                          He pushed me back into the cart and apologized again his hair fell in his in an almost child like manner,' 'Nellie what do I do. I am not exactly what you call rebellious and well I might get fired.....''.Truthfully I was not one for pep talks especially to an older person Awkwardly I patted his back through the cart's door,'' Hey you have been brave so far and you know that it is the right thing to do so....um.. Look Felix you are a good person and I understand that it must be  almost foreign to step out of the lines and I respect you for that. Does that help you at all?''.

                                         " I guess...... not really''. Felix looked down and mumbled. Well what did I say? I shrugged my response and Felix nodded his. Hearing footsteps down the hall our silence continued. Felix gave a hand motion for a chemical bottle. Finding a bottle I gave it to him and silently poised myself for a quick exit out of the cart. I heard a one sided conversation. Then I heard a yell of pain. I took that as my turn to make a move.

                                          I ran down the hallway. Call it intuition but, I looked back and saw that a burly man clutched his unshaven face. Doing so he pulled something out of his back pocket. It was shiny and metallic. I heard a loud noise and felt a sharp pain that was beyond pain. My mind felt like it curtains were closing. As I was falling into darkness I heard a panicked voice  yell," Nellie!''.

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