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It's 25 years in the future and the Goverment is shut down. Nellie Walker and the organization she works for is about to go on the mission they have been planning for years. More than that she might have to face an old enemy from her past. Yeah and did I mention she is only 13?


11. Burning down.

                                                     I walked into the room. It would of been sort of big, if there was not the control center in the middle of the room. I stood there in awe of it. Then I heard a footstep. I turned around to see Felix unconscious. His tongue lolling out of the side of his head. It could of been enough to make me laugh, if it was in a different situation.

                                                     Again I heard a footsteps. My mind raced to a million different solutions. My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach when I realized who it was. " Someone has not looked in the mirror recently'' Her lip curled in disgust. " You are a good one to talk. The last time I saw you, You were barely clinging onto life your hair gone'' I snapped back at her. She looked at me coldly, Her dark brown eyes assessing me coldly,'' All because of you,'' she roared not letting any of her anger unheard. I hung my head low,'' Morgan. Let Felix go. He is just an innocent by stander that was trying to help me do not hurt him for that,''.

                                                        Morgan gave a harsh laugh,'' Innocent. Innocent. Oh Nellie nobody is ever completely innocent. You should no that above all people. But will you always refuse to accept the truth. That your so called ' Aunt ' is your Mom or that Mr. Hagia is just playing you. He owns both companies Nel. All of this pain and suffering is just for his amusement. He told me all of it. This country is being torn apart by the same man. Either way he wins. And do you think that me just being here is a coincidence. No. He told when you were coming Nellie and I want revenge.'' Morgan stood up and laughed,'' What are you going to do now little girl,''.

                                                     Something in my brain snapped. Nothing I thought of nothing. Just plain getting Morgan back for saying those words. For saying the truth it is the truth that hurt. I resolved into violence. I punched Morgan over and over again. She had not seen this coming. The last look on her face was that of shock, then it slumped into an unconsiocus state. Sadly I still punched her. I... I wanted her to pay for all she had done.

                                                        Then I remembered the chip in my pocket. In truth I knew it was a trap. Probably to kill me but, I did  care. By that time Felix had woken up,'' Hey you going to finish that?  Can I do the honors?'' He took the chip out of my hand and plugged it into the computer. The main drive of the building. The whole thing shut down. Then a countdown started. Felix looked at me wide eyed,'' What was that?". " I think the Buildings is going to blow" I screamed,'' Do you have the offices number?''. Felix nodded his head,'' Yes why?''.

                                                          He handed me the phone,'' This is  the Timers and we planted bombs all through the building. You have 10 minutes to get out. Ops make that 9.'' I hung up. " Come on let's get out of here''.


                                                     Running through the street I watched as the building blew up. Everybody had gotten out if there safely, much to my relief. Me and Felix took the subway to the roman building. It was a long ride and plus it was stuffed to the max. People were staring at me weird. Then I realized that I looked like I needed medical attention. I shook my head to the paramedics and said I was fine. Felix raised an eyebrow but, did not say anything till we got to our stop. It was a small walk to the building where Sophia, Terry and Smith were waiting  I took one look at Smith and he kissed me. Sophia squealed and laughed. All Terry did was grunt,'' About time". Felix just stood there.

                                                    I we all stepped inside the building and told each other our stories. Now they all knew that Mr. Hagia was a traitor.  Suddenly I heard the Building rumble a deep forbording rumble. Me and Felix had heard that sound before. We started yank people out. Well almost everybody.'' Wait," Sophia yelled running back for her laptop.'' NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO '' I yelled reaching for her hand, realizing it was to late. I heard the explosion. And that was it. I only opened my eyes to see people rushing towards us.

                                            End Of  Story. 

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