Till Next Time

It's 25 years in the future and the Goverment is shut down. Nellie Walker and the organization she works for is about to go on the mission they have been planning for years. More than that she might have to face an old enemy from her past. Yeah and did I mention she is only 13?


4. A promise that's going to be broken

                                                         Dinner was pizza, soda, and really good bell pepper strips. Before anyone judges bell peppers are sooooooooooooo good. Back to my train of thought after dinner I started to prepare for the central. I tried to make a plan but, it didn't work at all. For starters I didn't really even know what the central is except for that it is in the enemy's headquarters. Well from the name it seemed that it was probably in the center of the building.

                                                      Or maybe it is a way to lead someone of course. About to through the notebook I have been writing on I heard a knock at the door. The door slowly opened at the words of my ''yes''. Aunt Deliah came in and said gently '' I have the day of tomorrow how does that sound?''. My head automatically went up,''Like what are we going to do?''. Aunt Deliah smiled,''I thought going to the  shore sounded fine.  I promised that it was fine and that I would go. 

                                                   Aunt Deliah walked out of my room my mood started to take a nosedive  for tomorrow was the plan......... but, shopping and seeing the water sounded so good. I had a job to do... right? If I go either way I will still be braking a promise. That is were I came to a question : What promise is more important, apromise to your own blood or a promise to your own country?


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