Till Next Time

It's 25 years in the future and the Goverment is shut down. Nellie Walker and the organization she works for is about to go on the mission they have been planning for years. More than that she might have to face an old enemy from her past. Yeah and did I mention she is only 13?


1. A lesson from a meeting

                                  Time was moving slower than slow. It always did whenever I had a lesson from Miss Marhe ,my tutor, had a stem like voice that I always rolled my eyes to. Suddenly my tutor turned her back and I dashed out the apartment door. Behind me I saw Miss Marhe's livid face. I laughed and closed the elevator door in her face. Now before anyone judges me Miss Marhe has always made me miserable in her sessions so this was my sweet taste of revenge.

                                                                               The elevator came to a stop and I bolted out as fast as I could. Then I went on a full sprint towards the Roman Building. A brief recap of it's history went through my mind. It was originally meant to be the new city hall but due to the goverment shutting down the production ceased. 25 years later it is a gift shop/head quaters  for my organization that I work for.

                                                                               Out of breath I whipered pax and liber into the lion's mouth. the hidden door swung open and I stepped in. Smith,Terry, Sophia,and Mr.Hagia were already there and Smith gave me a fake glare while Terry gave me a real one. Mr.Hagia clapped his hands and the meeting started. "Do we all agree on the plan," Mr.Hagia asked. We all agreed surprisingly. Mr.Hagia whipered everyone's part into their ears. He finally got to me. His eyes were full of sadness "I'm sorry Nellie, but you have to go to the central," . My mind spun and I only had one thought Morgan.

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