World War 3

Kate never thought that she would ever be in the middle of world war 3 especially with one direction. Not only being in World War 3 with One Direction but that the war is because of her! How can some normal teenager be the cause to World War 3?


1. What????!!!!???

The day my aunt told me I could stay home I was amazed until I found out why. My name is Kate and I will fill you in on all the little details.

  My aunt never let's me stay home. So you understand my shock. She then explained that World War Three was upon us. Then she proceeded to tell me that I had FIVE protectors on the way to meet me. But why do I need protectors? I am just an average girl.

   "They are here." My aunt said. Okay send them in. My protectors walked through the door "They are HOT!" I thought to my self. "Hello Princess." They all said at once. Who are you and why did you call me "Princess?" "Because you are next in line for the throne of England." The curly haired one said OMG this is not happening! "So what are your names if you don't mind me asking" I say. "My name is Harry"the curly headed boy said " And this is Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis." He says. "It is nice to meet you all but why are we in the middle of WW3?" I ask confused. "Because of you" Niall says.



I need people and advice. I need 5 ladies in waiting and a queen about to step down like a stand in queen I need age, name, looks, personality,and who you like. I also need suggestions on what century it should be.

Thanks Homies

~Niall's Boo!!


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