Boarding school

Hi! My name is Sydney Strange. Yes, that is my real name. Well anyways I am 16 years old, I have brown hair brown eyes. (I know, boring!) I like to ride horses, drive four wheelers, sing, play my guitar, swim, eat food, hunt, all that good stuff :) I have to move from a small town in Kansas all the way to a freaking boarding London! I am sorta disappointed because I don't want to leave my friends, and no boyfriend (single for life) but it'll probably be fun! I just hope that I end up with a good roomate!


5. Chapter 5

Sydney's P.O.V.

What the heck is that sound? I look over at my clock and it says 11:00. Woah! I have never slept in that late! Must be like jet lag or something. I decide to grab my phone and check my texts, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Oovoo, Skype, and snapchat. Nothing new on there so I guess I'll just go to the living room. But I see the bathroom on the way there so I decide to go 'freshen up' so I don't look like a zombie. Ah, good choice. My hair is tangled, make ups all messed up. Wow thats hot. I guess I'll just wash my face and brush my hair and put it into a ponytail. Once decent I head to the living room to see everyone gathered around the kitchen table. I walk over and say "Mornin." "Good morning sleeping beauty!" Niall says with a wink. Oh great I'm blushing. I decide to talk so hopefully no one notices it. "What are the plans for today?" Eleanor speaks up and says "Well we were planning on showing you around campus, introducing you to our friends, and then all of us will compare our class schedules to see what classes we have together." "Ok what time are we planning on leaving?" "About 12:30." I look at the time and its 11:10! "Oh crap! Then I've gotta go get ready!" Everyone chuckles and the say "Ok." I grab my bathroom stuff and head to our bathroom for a shower. I turn the nob so hot water comes out. I get in and it feels so refreshing. After a few minutes when I am washing my hair i start to hum. I'm humming the song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. I am in love with this song. But when I am washing my body i start to sing it out loud. "Just close your eyes. The sun is going down. You'll be alright. No one am hurt you now. Come morning light. You and I'll be safe and sound." As I hear people whispering outside the door I chuckle and say "I'm not dumb I can hear you guys whispering!" Then I hear people scatter away and trip and I burst out laughing. Once I'm done I turn the water off. Crap. I forgot clothes. Dang it! Oh well. I rush to our room in a towel and luckily the door is open so i rush in and grab my miss me jeans, a school t-shirt, my sperrys, tank top, bra and underwear. I go ahead and grab my phone for music too. As I rush out I run into someone and look up to see Niall. Out of anyone him! Now?! Argh. I see him San my body with his eyes. "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry! Dang it I'm so clumsy." I'm sure were both red as a tomato. "Oh no. Erm its fine. I am too." "Ok I'm gonna, go get ready now." With that I rush to the bathroom and quickly shut the door. Well that was great. I turn on my music while I get dressed. Safe and Sound, the song I was singing in the shower, comes on which makes me happy! Yes! I let the lyrics fill my ears as I get my clothes on. After that I french braid my hair and put in a cute headband. I make my make up natural looking and vuala! I'm done! That was easy. I grab all of my things and make my way to my room. The doors closed so i knock and say "Hey can I come in?" "Oh erm, one sec!" I patiently wait and then Niall opens the door with no shirt on. I blush a bit but go in to put my thing away. Dirty clothes in the hamper, bathroom stuff in my drawer, phone with my on my bed. Then reality hits me. "Oh my god I'm an idiot! Do you still need to get changed?" "Oh just a shirt." "Oh ok I was gonna feel dumb if you had to and I was just sitting here. Haha" Then I just awkwardly sit there while he looks for a shirts to put on. He slips on a hoody so I'm not able to see the shirt. He has on jeans a Hollister hoodie and some tennis shoes. "Um hey Sydney I think were all ready to go. And you might want a jacket love, its quite chilly out there." "Oh ok." I decide to go with my pink camo hoodie that I'm in love with. I adjust myself in the mirror, grab my phone and then say "Ok ready!" We walk to the living room and see everyone out there ready to go. "Ok let's go people!" Perrie and Zayn says excitedly. We laugh at their excitement. "Alrighty." I say. I just hope that everyone likes me.

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