Boarding school

Hi! My name is Sydney Strange. Yes, that is my real name. Well anyways I am 16 years old, I have brown hair brown eyes. (I know, boring!) I like to ride horses, drive four wheelers, sing, play my guitar, swim, eat food, hunt, all that good stuff :) I have to move from a small town in Kansas all the way to a freaking boarding London! I am sorta disappointed because I don't want to leave my friends, and no boyfriend (single for life) but it'll probably be fun! I just hope that I end up with a good roomate!


3. Chapter 3

Sydney's P.O.V.

The flight ended before I knew it. There was someone here that already got my bags and who was also gonna help me get into school too. I went into a taxi where some woman in her mid 30's waited for me. "Hello honey my name is Veronica and I will be helping you get into your new school." "Ok." We rode in silence until we got to the school. Jeez it is HUGE!!!! We gathered my bags and went to get my dorm key. My room number is 226. Wow there's A LOT of rooms. "I can take it from here. Thank you so much Veronica!" "Your welcome gun. Enjoy this school!" "I will." I walk to the elevator and push 3 so I can go to the 3rd floor. Once I get to the 3rd floor I look for my room. "Hmmmm.... 220, 222, 224, ah, there it is! 226!" I unlock the door to find a dorm the size of a house. And there on the couch is 5 guys and only 2 girls! They all look at me with comforting smiles. "Hello love! I'm Louis!" Says a guy with brown hair and blue eyes. "I'm Harry." Says a guy with curly brown hair and green eyes. "I'm Zayn." Says a guy with black hair and brown eyes. "I'm Liam." Says a guy with brown hair and brown eyes. "I'm Niall." Says a guy with blue eyes and blonde hair. "I'm Eleanor!" Says a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. "And I'm Perrie!" Says a girl with blonde hair an like greenish grey eyes. "Hi nice to meet you. I'm Sydney." I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. Finally Eleanor spoke up. "Oh yea! Silly me. Let me show you your room! An by the way, we all have roommates except for Niall so you'll room with him. Is that alright?" "Yea thats fine! I'm cool with it." "Alrighty then follow me!" She led me through a hall and into a room with 2 beds. "His bed is right there. And yours is right here. Along with the dresser and closet!" "Ok thank you!" "Your welcome! Do you need help unpacking?" "No I think I've got it." "Ok well don't take too long." She said with a wink and made her way to the living room. I began to him while unpacking when I heard Niall say "Sounds like you've got yourself a great voice love." "Oh I didn't really think I did but thanks." I felt myself blushing so I turned around so he wouldn't notice it. I heard a guitar strum and turned to see him playing guitar. He looked up and said "Oh you don't mind do you?" "Oh no, not at all." I said that right as I unpacked guitar and put it by my nightstand. "Woah you play?!" "Yepp I have since I was 12."Oh cool. Are you good." "Yea I think so." I sorta smirked while saying that. In about 30 minutes i finally finished unpacking. Niall was still playing his guitar and even singing a little bit. "You sing?" Yea usually in private though." "Oh ok cool." I decided to get on my phone and check to see if I had any missed texts or calls. I had a text from Jessica, Devin, and my mom. Crap I forgot to text her! "Aw ship." I mumbled. Niall burst out laughing and asked "What happened?" "I forgot to text my mom when I got here. Oh well I'll just do it now she'll live." He chuckled as I typed 'Hey mom! Sorry i forgot to text you.... But anyways I made it here safely and I am unpacked. Love you! xoxo <3 ~ <3 Syd <3' I hit send and laid onto my bed. "Everyone were playing truth or darrrrre!" Louis sang. "Okaaaaaay!" I sang back then Niall and I chuckled. Then Louis burst in saying "OMG DID YOU JUST MOCK MEH?!" In a really girly voice, so I decided to have some fun. "OMG I JUST DID!" I said in a even girliest voice ever. This house is fun! "Oh gurl, ITS ON!" He lunged at me pinning me to the bed and started tickling me! "AAAAAH HELP!!!! SOMEONE CALL THE COPS!!!!" I screamed while laughing. This went on for five minutes then Lois got off of my and I ran to the living room. I jumped onto the couch out of breath and everyone laughed at me. Then Louis finally came down and said "Alrighty truth or dare time!" Well this should be interesting.....

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