Boarding school

Hi! My name is Sydney Strange. Yes, that is my real name. Well anyways I am 16 years old, I have brown hair brown eyes. (I know, boring!) I like to ride horses, drive four wheelers, sing, play my guitar, swim, eat food, hunt, all that good stuff :) I have to move from a small town in Kansas all the way to a freaking boarding London! I am sorta disappointed because I don't want to leave my friends, and no boyfriend (single for life) but it'll probably be fun! I just hope that I end up with a good roomate!


12. Chapter 11

Sydney's P.O.V.

Yay time for art! We all walk out talking about who were partners. There is Louis and Eleanor, Liam and Danielle, Zayn and Perrie, Harry and Claire, Hunter and Audrey, Kevin and Autumn an Kennedy and James. I walk to the art classroom. I talk to the teacher, introduce myself, an then get assigned in a seat next to Hunter. The art teachers name is Mrs.Mountain. "Alright class today we start our self portraits! Come up here if you need any help!" I go up to take my picture, which is just a silly smile. I've done this before so this should be easy. I get my picture printed and get started. BEEEEEEEP. The warning bell rings scaring me half to death. I got my eyes and part of my nose done today. Everyone compliments mine as I put it in my cubby. I love art so much. I used to suck at it but now I'm good at it. Now it is time for language arts. Joy.

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