Boarding school

Hi! My name is Sydney Strange. Yes, that is my real name. Well anyways I am 16 years old, I have brown hair brown eyes. (I know, boring!) I like to ride horses, drive four wheelers, sing, play my guitar, swim, eat food, hunt, all that good stuff :) I have to move from a small town in Kansas all the way to a freaking boarding London! I am sorta disappointed because I don't want to leave my friends, and no boyfriend (single for life) but it'll probably be fun! I just hope that I end up with a good roomate!


11. Chapter 10

Sydney's P.O.V.

"Hi I am Mr.McDonald. You are Sydney Strange the American exchange student, right?" "Yes." "Ok everyone this is Sydney, please be nice to her and welcome her here. Ok and there is a open seat by Niall so why don't you go sit by him." "Ok!" I happily walk over there and sit down next to him. "Ok everyone. For our next project we will be singing a duet with a partner. You can choose your partner." I stood up and Niall grabbed my arm and said "Sydney would you like to be my partner?" "Yay sure!" "Ok, what song should we sing?" "Ummmm I'm not sure. What about 'All too well' by Taylor swift? I'm in love with that song. And I already know how to play it on the guitar too!" "Sure we'll do that one!" For the rest of the hour we write down who sings where and all that jazzy stuff. Before I know it, its time to leave!

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