Story of your life

Heyy I'm new so I just wanted to introduce myself


1. Special surprise

It's 10:52am you just woke up and realize......ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! You quickly get out of bed and get downstairs where your family is. They all scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are happy. They give you a special breakfast and your first present! It's a paper? Wait a letter? No it's a clue! " I'm cold only one way to get warm"you read. Hmmmmm.....warm....... Hot.......FIREPLACE!!!!! You go in the basement to your fireplace and find a piece of paper. "Now that I'm warmed up I can go freshen up" hmmmmmmm.....freshen up...... When people say " freshen up" they mean go to the bathroom!you go to the bathroom to see another clue you read it "now I need to get dressed.".thats easy! You go to your drawer and look on every one then you finally find the last clue and read"now I'm ready to go to my present" then you go back to the kitchen look every where and find a BIG present. You unwrap it then there's another unwrap that one and there's ANOTHER box this continues for another 2 minutes and there's a very small box this one is difficult to open because it's wrapped in ductape you finally open it after 4 minutes. The small box is revealed you open it and inside there was a present that you've wanted for almost 4 years and you finally have it............1D TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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