Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra

I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to feel the bullet from his gun.

He was 16..It was a mistake so he says.

A mistake that left me hospitalised for 3 years.

But now I'm back...and I'm plotting my revenge.

He will never live this down,shooting me will be one thing,but being absent for the 3 years that followed was something else.

You will regret the time you ever left me,Jason McCann..I swear to you.

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


3. Unfortunate Events


Sienna's POV:


~1 month later~


I was positively fuming as I flicked through pictures of The B.H.A Gang on Google,almost every photo was wanted papers with Jason's face printed on the front of them. 


That familiar floppy hair,those piercing hazel brown eyes,the scar on his cheek. Everything. 


I remember everything about this 16 year old Jason. But the worrying thing is none of the photo's show what he looks like now. 


How is that possible?




I covered my mouth as the page loaded,showing a picture of my High school,and an after picture..showing nothing but debris and ash. It was heartbreaking. 


I continued on with the story as my heart began to beat. 


Pulling my Macbook Pro onto my lap I began to read the long text.


'On Thursday night this week at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School a fire broke out deliberately by a gang of youths at 1:56am,although only 3 of them were caught,one still got away who was thought to be the one and only Jason McCann,the trouble maker and criminal of Stratford its self. Thankfully no one was in the building but only 5 minutes before the last person had left the school,after there were complaints of loud noises and glass being broken were reported to the local night guard. McCann is still running free and is known for many other crimes that have recently been occurring in Neighbourhoods and local events. One being the accidental shooting of Sienna Woods last year in July,Ever since McCann and his gang (The Blood Hound Assassins) have been on the loose,if you see any of these members then do not approach them.' 


At the bottom it showed the pictures of the 12 gang member's,But this report was from 2010 so its old meaning the photo's aren't accurate to what they look like now.


My plan was slowly becoming impossible,and it killed me. 



~2 weeks later~


Jason's POV:


''Aye Jase,look at this!'' One of my boys shouted from the living room. 


I rolled my eyes. ''What is it?'' I called back,shuffling through paperwork that had to be filled in by tomorrow. 


''You'll wanna see this,just come here.'' He pressured. 


I growled and made my way into the living room,what could possible be more important than filling out all that paperwork?


I instantly stopped when I saw a picture of a very familiar girl flash up on the screen.


That long brown hair and her mysterious green eyes,who was she?


I felt like I knew her,but from where?


''Sienna Woods,the girl everyone thought wouldn't pull through,did...and she's back to a normal life,its almost as if the shooting didn't happen,but missing 3 years of her life wasn't easy,she's still adapting to everything but after what happened she's became a town celeb as everyone knows her as 'the girl who survived  murderous McCann'..let's just hope McCann's brought to Justice for this after taking away Sienna's teenage years....on other news-'' The tv blared,showing various pictures of Sienna in hospital and before and after pictures.


''What the shit.'' I muttered,rubbing my hand over my face as I tried to fathom what happened. 


I sat down and grabbed a bottle of Vodka,opening it I took a large swig and sunk down in the chair. 


Mario continued to stare at me as I stared out the window. 


She's back...I never thought- 


''FUCK'' I screamed,as tears began to prick at my eyes,I turned to Mario. ''GET THE FUCK OUT'' 


I couldn't let him see me like this,he cant see me break down like this. 


Mario scurried out the room as he lit a cigarette,I watched a second as he walked out into the back yard before I took another swig of the Vodka. 


I leaned forwards,resting my elbows on my knees as I stared at the floors. 


Sienna,Sienna Sienna Sienna..


I remember that night so well,I never saw her beautiful face again. 


I had to run,run as fast as I could..away from her,I couldn't face the fact that she could die. 


So I left her,I left my best friend to die. 


Knowing she's still alive somehow makes me upset,don't get me wrong..I've killed enough people in my time,but knowing that she survived that means she will always live on look out,jumping at the innocent sound of something dropping to the floor. 


She'll be traumatised,all because of me. 


Why didn't I look to see who was behind that tree that night? I'm so fucking stupid. 


I told her I'd be there for her through everything..but left her as soon as things got bad. 


Suddenly a pain travelled up my leg and I instantly jumped,looking down to see that shards of glass covered the floor.


I had dropped the Vodka bottle. 


I growled,kicking it away from me. 


I'm such a fuck up. 


I got up and tried looking for some paper towels or a dustpan and brush,but we had nothing. 


We had a maid and she would bring her own shit. 


I rolled my eyes. ''ONE OF YOU FUCKERS GET DOWN HERE'' 


There was no answer. 




I waited a few seconds before I walked over to the counter where my gun was sitting,I picked it up,but my eyes travelled over to a piece of paper sat next to it. 



   me and the others went out to collect the packages,I needed backup just in case.

    Mario is there but has to leave at 6 to meet with the dealer,

   call us if you need anything.' 


I looked at my phone to see that it was 6:18pm meaning Mario had fucked off too. 


I was left alone,meaning I had to get the fucking cleaning shit from the store.


I hissed under my breath and pet Hunter our dog on the head,before grabbing the keys to my black Fisker Karma. 


I got in the car and drove off,listening to the one and only Frank Ocean (AN/ Holla,it was his birthday yesterday)



I entered the store with my car keys and phone in hand and made my way to the cleaning appliances isle. 


I grabbed some tissues and found a broom before I quickly scanned the store looking for anything else we might need.


Poptarts...I need Poptarts. 


What?don't look at me like that?I may be a leader of a very dangerous gang,but you gotta love Poptarts.


I made my way down the breakfast isle and picked up my trusty cookies and cream Poptarts. 


I walked down the aisle slowly,looking at all the yummy flavours,when I noticed banana flavoured Poptarts (A/N: I dont actually know if they do banana flavoured but lets just pretend:p)


There was only one box left so I picked it up and dumped it into my cart. 


But when I looked back up something caught my attention,through the gap in the shelf I noticed a girl looking at the shelf below,her green eyes fixed upon something as she made her mind up. 


Her brown hair falling in front of her face,causing her to tuck it behind her ear absent-mindedly.


Her cheeks were a pink and I could just make out a scar on her right cheek.




Was that?


But before I could get a better look she walked off,with whatever she wanted to buy. 




I hurried to the end of the aisle just to see her walk off into a sea of people. 


It couldn't of been her...


I ignored my mind telling me to follow her and I continued to walk over to the till.




I walked outside,checking my phone for any texts or missed calls. 


Nothing...good,that's the way it should be. 


I walked over to my car and unlocked it,throwing the bag of stuff in the trunk before I began to get into my car. 


But as soon as I opened my door,I heard a voice behind me. 


I turned around slightly,looking over my shoulder to see the girl again. 


She was on the phone to someone as she walked over to the car next to mine. 


She opened the door to her car as she spoke. 


''Yes I'm fine,I got here ok didn't I? I haven't forgot how to drive mom..I'll be home soon.'' 


The street lamp was directly above her,showcasing the scar on her right cheek again as she turned slightly. 


It was Sienna. 


Sienna's POV:


I was glad to get out that store,I had the odd feeling that someone was watching me in there. 


I just wanted to get home. 


Suddenly my left pocked on my jeans began to buzz,causing me to jump slightly. 


I sighed,I get scared so easily after what happened. 


I grabbed my phone from my pocket to see that my mom was calling me. 


''What?'' I asked. 


''Are you ok? how was the drive down here? what did you get? have any trouble?'' She persisted,firing hundreds of questions at once. 


I walked over to my car and unlocked it. 


''Yes I'm fine,I got here ok didn't I? I haven't forgot how to drive mom..I'll be home soon.'' I replied before ending the call and slipping my phone into my front pocket. 


I opened the car door,ignoring the footsteps behind me. 


But just as I was climbing into the car,someone wrapped their arm around my waist and the other covered my mouth with a towel.


I tried screaming,but their vice like grip prevented me from doing so. 


I tried my best to look around and see who this person was,but they wouldn't let me move,they just kicked my car door shut and dragged me backwards. 


My eyes grew heavy and my legs went weak,I let out one last cry before my world went black.


But not before I heard someone mutter the words ''you've always been a fighter.'' 




I'm sorry for the shit chapter I just wanted to update


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