Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra

I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to feel the bullet from his gun.

He was 16..It was a mistake so he says.

A mistake that left me hospitalised for 3 years.

But now I'm back...and I'm plotting my revenge.

He will never live this down,shooting me will be one thing,but being absent for the 3 years that followed was something else.

You will regret the time you ever left me,Jason McCann..I swear to you.

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


5. Tastebuds Tingling

Sienna's POV:

It felt like I had been locked in this room days upon days. 

I was so bored that I had started to count how many grains of rice in the bowl they had given me.


I didn't want this shit..I wanted real food. 


It felt like my prayers had been answered once the door slammed open and in walked the boy from earlier. 


That familiar brown bag with the red box and the golden arches caught my glance and I instantly shrieked,I was so damn happy he actually brought me Mc Donalds.


''Come here.'' Justin spoke,motioning for me to shuffle over to him as he crouched down.


I sat infront of him and eagerly looked into his eyes,my stomach rumbling aggressively as I took in the scent of grease and deep fried processed food.

He pulled out the 6 piece chicken nuggets from the bag and a large fries and drink. ''Come to mama.'' I whispered,stuffing 5 fries into my mouth at once.


He chuckled and for a second I felt like I had heard that laugh somewhere before. I shrugged and thought it was the feeling of having chicken nuggets in front of me making me go crazy. 


His big brown eyes watched me eat and I felt uncomfortable but I was way too hungry to say anything. 


''Sorry it took so long,they had to cook the fries as they ran out...stupid bastards.'' He muttered. 


I nodded nibbling on the chicken nugget. ''It's ok,Thank you.'' I wearily replied,glancing up at him. He nodded once twiddling his fingers. ''I still don't know why you would do this for me,but I'm very grateful.'' I murmured.


Justin turned towards me again and froze. It almost sounded like he whispered 'Id do anything for you.' but I was so emotionally drained that it was clearly just my mind playing tricks on me. 


I just rubbed my eyes and finished my drink,thanking the heavens as the cold liquid sailed down my burning throat.


''I figured you wouldn't wanna stay down here any me and the gang have decided to move you upstairs with us...the floor above is my floor,its basically my own apartment,the floor above is the meeting room,kitchen,games room and lounge,and the last floor is where all the boys sleep.'' He rambled,picking up my rubbish and stuffing it into the Mc Donalds bag. 


I nodded quickly,showcasing a small smile at the thought of getting out this room which smelt like every sexual transmitted disease under the sun,and just looked revolting in general.


He unchained my wrists and ankles and helped me up,his warm touch sending a weird feeling through my body.


I felt weak..I had been in the same position for the whole day and I felt like every bone in my body was about to collapse. Justin noticed this and helped me up the stairs,most of my weight was on him and he didn't even look phased. 


Once we were on 'Justin's floor' we got in a lift and he pressed it up to the floor above,clearly knowing id probably collapse if we took the stairs again. 


We reached the 2nd floor and the noises from outside the lift were loud and cheerful,but as soon as the doors opened everything grew silent as they all stared at me.


5 boys stood in front of me,all good looking and all intimidating. 


Justin pushed me into the room and I loosened up,keeping my mouth shut as my heart beat out of my chest.


''Sienna,this is the gang.'' Justin whispered,watching all of them for a second before he pointed to the left. 


''That's Tyler, next to him is Bryden,in the middle there is Hunter,next to hunter is Diego,and on the far right is Bryce.'' He briefly pointed to all of them and they all wearily waved at me. 


''I'm Si-''

''We all know who you are,Sienna.'' Diego stated,smiling sadly. 

''Don't talk over her you bastard.'' Justin hissed.

I looked up at Justin. ''How do they know my name?'' 

Justin just shook his head and turned back to the boys. ''Y'all will treat Sienna with respect and I will get her to tell me if any of y'all step out of line capeesh?'' Justin asked. 


''Capeesh.'' They called back. ''So she off bounds though Jas-Justin? cause she's beautiful and she seems pretty sweet.'' Bryce asked,grinning at me.

I looked away nervously and caught a glimpse of Justin clenching his jaw as he shook his head. ''She's off bounds so none of you will even try to flirt with it?'' He hissed,directing his gaze at Bryce and Bryden. 


I frowned,what does he mean I'm off bounds? from what?

''Justin what time is it?'' I asked wearily,yawning as I rubbed my eyes. 

He pulled me into his waist and instantly his cologne flew up and into my nostrils,the scent was so familiar. 

''It's early still but if you're tired you can sleep.'' He murmured,rubbing circles on my hip with his thumb.

I nodded and he said he would take me down to his room,so I followed. 

I said goodbye to the boys and a few minutes later I found myself in Justin's 'Apartment' 


''It's so big.'' I whispered,looking around. 

''That's not the only thing in this room that's big.'' He smirked,poking my hip as he gave me a little tour around his apartment. 


''Yes,Sienna?'' He replied,looking down at me once I walked out of the bathroom wearing one of his oversized shirts.

''How long are you keeping me here?'' I wearily asked,playing with the corner of the shirt nervously.

''I'm not quite sure.'' He yawned,switching off the TV and following me into the bedroom. 

''I'm gonna sleep on the couch.'' I murmured,walking out.

He chuckled and pulled me back into his room. ''No you're not.'' 

I whined but it was no use,Justin's mind was set and it seemed that he got whatever he wanted around here.

I climbed into bed and rested my head against the headboard. Watching him as he faced away from me,pulling off his sweatshirt.

I looked at his dirty blonde hair and how it was so messy but cute. 

I plucked up the courage to ask him what I had always wanted to ask him since I got here. ''Why don't you show the bottom half of your face Justin?'' I asked,watching him begin to untie the knot on his bandana.

He shook his head and sighed. ''A lot of secrets are hidden under here,babe.'' He replied,turning off the light. 

''If you're basically saying you don't run your mouth or tell secrets then why do you need a bandana around your mouth to prove that?'' 

He chuckled. ''You're so innocent.'' He whispered. ''You've always been so innocent.'' He sadly stated.

I couldn't see where he was now and It sort of freaked me out.

The bed next to me went down and I instantly knew he had climbed into bed with me.

''I just wished I could see beyond your brown eyes.'' I murmured,facing him. 

I couldn't see anything and I almost jumped when his hands grabbed mine unexpectedly,he brought my hands up to his face and ran them over his features,stopping extra long when my hands trailed over his lips,his hot breath tickling my fingertips.

I felt Justin's thumb brush over my hands as his mouth opened slightly,he kissed my fingertips before letting go of my hands. I could almost hear him smirk as he whispered. ''Goodnight,Sienna.'' 

I felt like all the air from my body had disappeared and I couldn't breathe,that was so damn hot. 

That really had an effect on me and I didn't even know the damn boy..

My Kidnapper had an effect on me..

What sort of fucked up shit is this?

Its your life Sienna..


Sorry its a short chapter but I've updated all 3 stories now so please get this chapter to 30 likes for the next update:)

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