Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra

I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to feel the bullet from his gun.

He was 16..It was a mistake so he says.

A mistake that left me hospitalised for 3 years.

But now I'm back...and I'm plotting my revenge.

He will never live this down,shooting me will be one thing,but being absent for the 3 years that followed was something else.

You will regret the time you ever left me,Jason McCann..I swear to you.

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


1. Prologue

(So you may think this story starts off basically in the middle of one..but you will understand soon enough why I decided this would be the plot of the story,this isn't a sequel to anything so sorry for the confusion..Just enjoy..hopefully)


July 15th 2009 7:39pm>>//

Sienna's Pov: 


I laughed helplessly as my best friend sang extremely dirty songs as he stayed perched on a tree branch swinging his legs absent-mindedly. 


''Quit it would you? were not 6 any more.'' I laughed,kicking my foot out at the same time he did causing me to kick him quite violently. 


He almost lost his balance off the tree and tumbled to the floor,but I leaned over and caught the sleeve of his hoodie preventing him from doing so.


''Aw come on Si,that was 10 years ago..pretty sure I wouldn't be singing about this sorta stuff.'' He smirked,re adjusting his hood over his caramel brown locks.


''From what I remember you were singing this 'sorta' stuff back then.'' I laughed.


Jason merely rolled his eyes before he jumped down from the tree,he stood in front of me and held up his arms,waiting for me to fall into them. 


So I did,holding onto his shoulders as I jumped,he caught me and lowered me to the floor but didn't let go. ''You know your beautiful right?'' Jason mumbled,trailing his eyes over every feature on my face,taking an extra long time when he got to my lips. 


''Jase,you tell me this every day.'' I whined,placing my hands around his neck as he pulled me into a hug. 


''Well I won't stop until you believe me.'' 


''Ok fine I believe you.'' 


Jason glared at me. ''No you don''re just saying that to get me off your back.'' 


''Maybe I am..but I have my reasons.'' I whispered,finally becoming interested in the leaves covering the ground. 


I suddenly felt Jason place his index finger under my chin forcing me to look at him. ''That scar is a battle wound...your a fighter.'' He stated,wishing I would believe his words.


I shook my head. ''It's just a reminder of what he did to me.''


''I told you Sienna,I will look out for you...if anyone hurts my girl,my fist will quite gladly meet their face.'' He chuckled. 


But I wasn't in a playful mood,I knew I could fight my own battles..Jason just happens to do them for me. 






''Jason.'' I whined. 


He laughed at my expression. ''No,I don't care what you say...I will forever look out for you.'' 


''And if you don't?'' I smiled.


Apparently to him my smile was infectious because almost straight after Jason would,even if he was in the worst of moods. 


''Then you have permission to whoop my white ass.'' He chuckled,turning around and playfully smacking his bum. 


I rolled my eyes and turned him back around. ''You never fail to make me smile.'' 


''And you never fail to make me happy.'' Jason chuckled,wrapping his arms around my neck and anchoring me into his chest.  ''But you already knew that.'' 


I smiled,I couldn't help but love this boy..even if it was in a friendly way.


Sometimes we may seem more than best friend's but I knew the whole 'dating' deal wouldn't work out..


All of a sudden Jason's phone went off 'Mocking bird by Eminem' blasting through the small speakers. 


''Whadup?'' Jason murmured into the phone,stepping back and leaning against a tree.


It must be one of his 'friends' because every time they call Justin puts on a front that he's some badass when really he's the sweetest boy in the whole of New York.


I heard small rustling on the other end of the phone and almost instantly Jason looked up at me,before he walked away,making it extremely impossible for me to hear. 


He would always do this...always. 


''Jase.'' I whispered,walking up behind him and touching his shoulder lightly.


He shrugged it off and carried on walking. 


I did it again,hoping he would notice my existence. 


But instead I was given a harsh glare. ''Quit it now Sienna.'' 


I took in a deep breath and stalked away,back towards the tree where I would normally wait for him if he got a random phone call from someone. 


This was the normal for us..every day we would make a good plan,someone would come along and fuck it up..putting Jase in an extremely bad mood.


Finally after what felt like hours,Jason trudged back over,grabbing his varsity that was draping over my shoulders. 


''I gotta go.'' 


''No you don't.'' I stated,pulling his arm back towards me. 


Justin growled and pulled my hand out of his,but I immediately grabbed it again. 


''Knock it off!'' He growled,ripping his arm back out from my grasp. 


''Why are you always leaving? am I that boring?'' 


''No.'' Justin sighed,walking over and kissing my cheek. ''Your not,it's just I have important shit to deal with right I'll just call you later.'' 


''Important shit like what? finishing off your fucking English assignment? what could a 16 year old do that's more important then chilling with their bestfriend? do you not like me anymore? is that it? have you found another best friend?'' 


Justin stopped in his tracks and turned around. ''Of course I like you...your my Sienna and I'm your has been like that for years,what would make you think different?''


''Maybe the fact that you always leave me on my own after you get a phone call..I guess this person is pretty important,because they consume a lot of your time.'' 


''You know who else does? you and I wouldn't have it any other know you come before everyone els-''


''So why do I feel like I'm last?'' 


I couldn't hold it any longer..tears were slowly falling from my eyes.


Jasons face suddenly dropped once he noticed. 


'' you really feel like this?'' Justin whispered,slowly approaching me.


I nodded my head,not finding the strength to talk. 


He walked over and pulled me into his arms. ''Your my princess alright? you gotta believe one is put before you-''


''There waiting for you Jase..just go,I'm fine.'' I spat,grabbing my bag and walking straight past him. 


''You sure?'' 


''Positive.'' I murmured,trying to walk faster so he wouldn't catch up to me. 


''Okay..I'll see you some time soon.'' Jason smiled,pulling me into a side hug. 


I just nodded my head before he walked his separate way down the path. 


I sighed once he was a couple of metres back.


''Don't miss me too much!'' He called.


I rolled my eyes,smiling slightly even though I was still mad. ''I won't.'' 




I slowly opened the door to reveal my drunken father try to climb up the stairs. 


As the door lightly banged on the wall he turned around and instantly smirked.


''Hey there pretty...are you the stripper I hired?'' He slurred,dropping a glass bottle to the floor. 


I watched as the liquid seeped out of the top,ruining the carpet on the floor below. 


It was disgusting how my own father didn't know who I was,but I guess you could say I was used to this. 


I merely walked past him..and into the kitchen to grab a glass of cold milk. 


But as I turned around to take the carton out the fridge,I was trapped by my fathers arms. 


''Where'd y-you think your goin' eh?'' He laughed,licking his dry lips as his bloodshot eyes scanned over my body. 


I instantly pulled my top down with my other hand as I noticed him staring. 


''You have your belly'' He stated,trying to grip my top to reveal my piercing. 


I cried out and pushed him away. ''Get away from me.'' 


''I gave you will strip.'' 


I shook my head,completely confused on what to do. 


''Babe don't worry...its only for my eyes.'' 


I nearly threw up at that...he called me-


I don't even want to finish that..I was too disgusted. 


''Dad it's me!'' I cried out once he advanced on me. 


''I don't have a daughter.'' he chuckled. ''Stop changing the subject..just strip.'' 


I shook my head,grabbing my phone from the counter desperately fiddling for the lock on the back door. 


''You come into my strip...and now you leave without putting on a show? I don't think so sweetheart.'' He growled,pinning me up against the wall aggressively. ''My way or the highway.'' 


He pinned my hands up against the wall with one arm and used the other to unbutton my jeans. 


I felt sick...if Jason were to ever see this-


''Why wont these fucking j-jeans come off,goddamit!'' He hissed. 


I had managed to free one hand and in one swift movement I punched his man hood,sending him collapsing to the floor.


''FUCKER!'' He cried out in utter pain,but I was too far away to do any more damage. 


(listen to 'bang bang by nancy sinatra' from this point onward:))


I sprinted down the backyard to the opening of the forest.


And if your wondering..yeah my house is on the outskirts of a's pretty scary at night if you ask me.


But nothing was scarier than my dad trying to undress me. 


You night back in 2007 I had came back from a sleepover with my friends..and there were boys dad was drunk and finally found out about the boys being there so he broke a window and cut my cheek with I almost had an identical scar to Jason on my cheek. 


But that wasn't the worst part. My dad kept muttering stuff like. ''You only have me.'' ''Those boys fucked up my daughter.'' ''You're mine.'' ''No boy can have you.'' 


So I came to the conclusion that he was jealous,which is extremely sick and revolting.


I had to tell Jasonn about that incident because he noticed the scar on my cheek a couple of weeks later and I couldn't lie to him. So Jason stormed around here and beat up my dad. telling him if he ever touched me like that again,then he would kill him. 


But my dad was drunk so he couldn't remember Jason's face in the morning or he probably would of put Jason in hospital. 


So things got worse after that...I would always find him sat on my bed after I had just got out the shower. 


And he wouldn't move,just watched me. 


Then sometimes he would come in my room late at night and just repetitively kiss my forehead or cheeks,muttering weird affectionate things in my ear. ''I love you so fucking much'' ''Sleep well baby.'' Stuff like that. 


I didn't want to tell Jason about these incident's though because I knew he would flip..and the worst part? my dad was sober when he did these he would remember Jason's face vividly and beat the crap out of him.


And crazy as it sounds,I didn't want to lose my dad...if he was taken to jail..I would have to live in a home,as my mom died when I was 7. I didn't want to leave Jason or the house so I just kept things quiet..hoping that he would leave me alone.


But after tonight he touched me..and I couldn't let that slip under the radar. This thing had become a whole lot more serious.


As time passed I found myself nearly out of the woods,but something...or someone caught my eye.


''I swear..if you have any guys backing you up behind any trees I won't hesitate to shoot em'.'' The person growled,holding up a gun in front of a guys head.


I had stopped running and hid behind a tree,keeping my breathing at a minimal. 


''I-I swear..just- here's the-'' 


But before the guy could continue I stepped on a branch,causing it to snap under the pressure of my shoes. 


I looked behind the branch to see Jason pointing the pistol at my head,and without a glance to see who it was,he pulled the trigger.


Sending the bullet hurtling into the air,and in a matter of seconds a sharp blow to the side of my head triggered my voice..and I let out a ear piercing scream. 


And with that,I fell to the floor,lifeless and covered in my own blood and soil. 


My baby shot me down..




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